Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Bay Music Magazine interview with The Jacka...

All Bay Music Magazine is gonna drop sometime this week. So until then here is the interview that my homie Ian Jackson aka The Rap Manager did with The Jacka. I wrote out this WHOLE thing word for word...trust me it was a BITCH! but anyway enjoy

All Bay Magazine: First of all, how did you get your solo name?

Jacka: That’s my nickname

ABM: That was your nickname?

J: Uh-huh, I just took it into the rap world.

ABM: What was the idea behind the name for “Go-Bots”?

J: Um, the Go-Bots are from an 80’s cartoon that came out in the mid to late 80’s you know? We used that name because we got this concept where we make D-Boy 80’s music and we will use samples from the 80’s and all the things that was going on at the time. The Go-Bots and everything that was just like a dope title. However a lot of people think it was a hyphy name. Because of the word “Go!” is like a young like word for like “Go! Go!” They think the word came from there, but it came from an 80’s cartoon, and we just used the name to represent the 80’s for us.

ABM: Alright, tell us a little more about where your from, what music you listen too, your favorite artist?..

J: Well, really through I am from all over man, but you know I am from Costa Carta County. I am really from Richmond and moved too Pittsburgh. That is how we all got discriminate as the Mob Figaz go. We love Pittsburgh, it’s the city we got the most trouble at ya know? The city where we did a whole bunch of shit in. It’s basically where we are all from man. I was from some where else, and then I moved there and I really become part of the streets and the culture and everything that was going on up there. So you know? I got to represent!

ABM: That’s whats up! Alright tell us some of your favorite artist..

J: *pause* Um, I really don’t listen to rap really, you know what I mean? I mean I’ll listen to a dope rap or a dope song you know? Like a realistic song about real life, but honestly there aren’t too many rap music I really listen too. However I do listen to a lot of reggae. I listen to a lot of old reggae too. My favorite group right now is Midnite. They come with music like roots, you will never get tired listening to a Midnite album. I highly recommend y’all to check it out. They got hella albums out, I listen to all kinds of reggae. From roots, to dancehall, I listen to Nirvino, Sizzla, I mean everybody!

ABM: How did the first Go-Bots album do?

J: Um, I am not so sure how it did, I mean it did pretty good. I never really checked the scans cause Lee and I did the first Go-Bots album, and we didn’t really do what we wanted to do with it. So it wasn’t really what we thought about in our head because we were trying to make a few dollars. So then we sold the album to our homie Nick Peace.

ABM: Right..

J: You know? So after he brought the album, we said for the second album now that we have a foundation for it. We can do what we really wanted to do with it. So we used a lot of 80’s samples and a lot of 80’s themes and we all just went in man. It’s just gonna be be dope. Everything we do is gonna have an 80’s feel, every video we shoot, it is gonna be about the 80’s, you know what I mean?

ABM: Yeah…obviously you have a solo career now, so what else are you working on right now that you want the public to know about?

J: The Devil’s Rejects Part 2 I am working on. Freeway and I just got done with an album we did together which is dope! I am thinking about calling it: The Best of Both Coasts. It’s not finalized let, we don’t know what we gonna call it as of right now, but the album is done. I also just got done with a street album with Paul Wall. All original beats and everything. However Paul Wall is under a strict contract, so we cant really call it an album.

ABM: Right..

J: I mean it is a album, but we just can’t call it one..

ABM: That’s tight!

J: I was in the studio last night with Baby Bash and we made a few hit songs man. We did one over a Dr. Dre beat. Him and Nipsey Hussle, so yea that’s a fucking hit!

ABM: Hell yeah! Any new songs right now that you want people to know about?

J: Um, I just take them as they come man, I do a lot of songs with people and they just use it as a single. We have a lot of young artist, a lot of up and coming artist, and they got a lot of big songs on the radio right now. A lot of the artist get me on the remixes and a lot of them get me on one of their songs. Like for instance, we got Haji Springer, he coming up, we just did a video with him matter a fact. He got a nice single on the radio right now called “Let Me See You Move” We just did the video for that song, so that should be dope.

ABM: Who are some of the artist and producers you worked with on the Go-Bots album?

J: We worked with one dude that made the only beat on the album that wasn’t a 80’s sample. Its with Paul Wall and it’s called “Patty Cake” and its dope! I don’t know his name Lee Major know his name, he is one of his homeboys. Everybody else that did beats was my boy Pack Slam, he produced the whole album.

ABM: What is the lead single for the Go-Bots album? Are you gonna shoot any videos for the album?

J: Yeah, right now its Own Risk, there is a video we just did for that song. Then after that we gonna drop the mixtape with Paul Wall..

ABM: That’s huge! Anything recently you done for the public, tours, events, you know for the community?

J: Yeah, I just got off tour with Zion I. I am about to do another tour called the “D-Boyz Tour” with Mac 10, that’s gonna be in December.

ABM: Also on a side note, I heard you were out in Europe, how was that experience?

J: Europe is dope! I didn’t really go all around Europe, I just want to England. I was in Birmingham, which is a place that is the size of Oakland. There is about 5 million people up there. 5 Million aint really nothing in Oakland, maybe 5 million police! **chuckles** But naw they got about 5 million people down there. All black Jamaican people too! It’s crazy man! They go crazy over there man and they LOVE the bay. They love all the street shit, they don’t like the commercial shit. No down south southern shit, they might play some Gucci Mane but that’s about it, you know what I mean? They don’t listen to New York shit either. They ONLY listen to bay shit. They might also listen to a little bit of Sacramento shit too.

ABM: Wow..

J: Yea, basically everybody out there listen to Bay music and that’s it, and maybe some Reggae.

ABM: Did they mention any artist?

J: Yeah! They mentioned Big Rich, D-Lo, Sleepy D, Lil Ru from Live wire, J-Stalin, they were naming off everybody! They named a dude out in Sac named G-Mack. They knew all about the old school shit. From Yukmouth, C-Bo, I mean they were naming all the hard shit we like!

ABM: Any last words?

J: Aw man! If you wanna find me , just hit me up on twitter or something. Www.twitter.com/DaJacka or myspace.com/dajackfrommobfigaz. We got videos and pictures and music. We gotta keep our music updated as much as possible. We defiantly keep the page updated as much as possible with music. We also update it with schedules for shows. You can always check that out on the myspace and twitter pages.

All Bay Music is da new movement..yaaay boy.

~~Mr. Busby~~

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