Monday, March 1, 2010

I'd hit that....Roger That!

the 1st of many Weezy videos that is gonna be released when he goes in and does his time. I like the concept of da video..sin cityesque i guess..Nicki Minaj looks good as aways..Tyga is just..blah...never really cared for the dude. He looks like a run down Wiz Khalifa and sounds like Dr. Suess on crack...w/e...I don't really think them YM niggas are gonna have much of a career when Weezy is doing his time. The only artist that are gonna have a career BEYOND YM is Drake and Nicki Minaj and MAYBE Shannell..that bitch got PIPES! Wayne should know..**side eye** Young Money is pretty much the modern day Junior Mafia...

they even got their own Lil Kim...but lets just hope that Nicki don't go down that same path as Lil Kim and look wise..

but anyway that blog post went a lil longer then i wanted it to be..but yea toodles

Mr. Busby

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