Sunday, March 7, 2010

(My night @ Club Wet...)Hello everybody...bloggin live frm my cell phone. Well last night was sorta like a mini high school reunion. It was my boy's 22nd birthday and he wanted to do it big with bottle service. So for the 1st time in my life i went into da club v.i.p. It felt good for once i guess. It was my also my 1st time going to v club wet. Now for sum of yall that dont know. Club Wet is da 40/40 club for my city. Completly "upscale" i guess. Mainstream artist are there on a weekly basis. So this week B-Real was the DJ. Dude was playing stricty west coast, so he was koo. It was pretty funny seeing all my hs friends get shitfaced..i had fist pumping good time...haha anyway untill next time yall..signing off..

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  1. been to wet once.... it was cool... need to go out more in San Jo :)