Friday, April 16, 2010


**Mesmorized playing in the background**

wassup people..I am blogging live from the iPhone right now and I just barely got off like hmm **looks at time** 35 min ago, and what am I doing? I am chilling outside my job sitting on this mini Frintstone Dino ride for the kids, how i can sit on this thing I honestly have NO idea..anyway. I am waiting for my boy to pick my blk ass up so we can go out, and I TOLd his black ass that I was gonna be off at 9:15 and I told him DO NOT be on that CPT time, and of course he says, •Dont trip, I'll be there..".now it's 40 min and I am STILL for y'all who don't know, C.P.T. means Colored People Time. It's a sterotype that was made that minoity people mainly black people have no sense of time.

Example: Person A. tells Person B. "I need u to be here at 9:00 NO later." Person B. says to person A. "o yea i''ll be there"
Person B doesn't show up to the spot until 30 min lata...

Smh...we as a people need to get sum sense of fucking time cuz niggaz right now have NO sense of time and it's getting VERY annoying Idk I sometimes feel like the only nigga on earth that is on a schedule and feel that I need to make EVERY TIME count..smmfh whatever I guess Ill be like Will Smith and be a fucking legend whatever

**beep beep**

oh so now these niggaz wanna show up and get made that I am taking my sweet time to get I the car cuz I am blogging..y'all motherfuckers can wait..smh

**signing off**

~~Mr. Busby~~

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