Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daffy Duck flow...

Okay, after listening to this I've had it and i am gonna say it...Eminem is the best rapper ALIVE....PERIOD! I don't give a FUCK what you say. This white boy has proved time and time again that he can out rap ur favorite rapper. And he doesn't even HAVE to say it...just LISTEN to his flow and the way he just throws words at you like it's nothing. Unlike say a Jay-Z or a Weezy, Eminem doesn't have to claim that he is the best rapper alive. Shit he doesn't have to show off in videos with jewelry and expensive cars and all that bullshit. Eminem lives, eats, and BREATHES hip hop, and i DO NOT understand why people are still hating on this man and not giving him the respect that he so rightfully deserves.

MTV especially dropped the ball when it comes to respect for him. After dropping his 1st album in 4 years, selling over a million records WORLDWIDE 1st week, even sold more then Hov when BP3 dropped. Then going in and shitting on the 3 of 'hottest' rappers in 09 with Ye, Drake, and Weezy. MTV felt that wasn't "enough' to put him on the top 10 hottest rappers of 09. I got love for u Tuma (@MTVJams) but u know and I KNOW that was BULLSHIT! The only reason why yall didn't put him on that list is cuz he wasn't "street" enough for you guys. Whatever, I am not gonna get into that aspect of it. Shit was last year, and i HOPE yall dont make the same mistake twice

I always browse around message boards and I see how much hate people have for Slim. They always nit pick EVERY lyric or word that comes out of his mouth. They always claim that he fell off and he isnt what he used to be. They were crying for him to bring back the Slim Shady character. He brought u Relapse, and let u fuckers STILL complain that he is too old and should just hang it up. Hov is 40 years old and is on his 12th album when he claimed that his 9th one was the last one and let nobody complains about him. Its called maturity people, and he is not gonna rap that way forever. The only reason why he brought back the Shady character was because it is what yall asked for. Shit Jay-Z went back to his roots and brought back the Reasonable Doubt content with American Gangster and it became one of his classic albums. So what makes Em so different? well shit its easy, just look at his skin.

I just feel that us as a people (yes US as in BLACK PEOPLE) are embarrassed that a white boy has more skill then the rest of these niggaz in the rap game. While niggaz like Waka Flocka and Soulja Boy are sacrificing lyrics, flow, and content but focus on coming up with a new catchphrase or a new dance, and then claim that they deserve respect as being the best rappers out just cuz they sold a couple thousand ringtones.

I'm sorry it just irritates me that hip hop in the 21st century is so ass back words now. I thought it was about who has skill and talent to rip the mic. In my opinion Em has that, i don't give a fuck if he was white, black, asian, or latino...I respect real hip-hop...

so to end this rant..Daffy has a message to all u weak ass rappers

Em's bout to take yall back into recovery...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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