Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Charles Hamilton..

Charles Hamilton is a very intriguing individual, he is a very interesting and is very complex. Artistically, in my opinion, he was the one with the most potential in that freshmen class of 09. He can rap his ass off, and you honestly can't deny the dude got skills when it comes to flow. Production wise, in my opinion, he is one of the best producers out there right now. I put him up there with Kanye and Just Blaze as one of the best producers in the game. I am really surprised more artist aren't fucking with him production wise, because he got beats for DAYS. Overall, Charles Hamilton had the makings in him to be one of the best. I will go out in a limb and say that Kid Cudi & B.O.B's success should have been Charles Hamilton's success. However the only thing that Charles had was POTENTIAL, and that is where it stops from there.

Last year this dude had massive fail after massive fail in less then 6 months. First it was the accusations of him stealing a beat, then there was that freestyle battle where that white boy renegaded him, then he got roasted again by Serius Jones, then there was the punch heard around the web, and finally the icing on the cake was the whole J. Dilla fiasco. Then the final nail in the coffin was when Interscope dropped him and the album This Perfect Life which would have been his debut album got shelved. After all that Charles Hamilton just disappeared from not only the internet, but the rap game in general.

He then made his return towards the end of the year, but it seemed like the damage was done and people just ignored him. Just recently he officially made his return to the blogging world and the rap world when he dropped 6 mixtapes in one day. However, after reading his blog, I think he has gotten worse. He open admits that he is depressed and that he needs help. His music is also a reflection of that, alot of his songs got a very dark tone to them, and it just seems like he is screaming for help.

Now like I stated before I think CH is one of the most talented rappers in the game right now. People always look at me faulty when I say that I listen to and actually enjoy his music. The ONLY reason why I still listen to this dude is simply because of his music and thats where it stops. Other then that, I could give a damn about all the weird and dumb bullshit he be saying or doing outside of his music. I mean seriously, if people still listen to Rick Ross's fake ass and completely ignore the fact that he is lying about his lifestyle, and just enjoy his music I could enjoy Charles Hamilton. After all that shit that happened to him last year, I was kind of mad at him. Not because of all the massive fails, but because he completely just turned his back on any fan that he had left. He just simply disappeared without ANY explanation, and for some reason it kind of got to me. Not granted he most likely was embarrassed and didn't wanna face the world, but just leaving his fans that were down for him since his first mixtape seemed like a slap to the face.

Hopefully now he gets his head on straight, and continues to drop the music that had hip hop fall in love with him. If he drops more music like The Pink Lava Lamp, & The Dead Zone then he will be one of the best rappers in hip-hop..

~~Mr. Busby~~

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