Wednesday, October 6, 2010

JZLP (Jay-Z & Linkin Park)-The Hybrid Designs EP

Now this isn't that MTV mash up, this is a mix that some dude did on a rap forum a few years ago...I remember having these tracks on my own computer until it got fucked up and I then I NEVER found the album again..until I want to show it with y'all. The track y'all should listen to is the Rock & Roll / Jigga That Nigga track..that shit is AMAZING!


1. Intro (A.06 / U Don't Know)
2. FRGT10 / Hola Hovito
3. Breaking the Habit / Heart of the City
4. Rock & Roll / Jigga That *****
5. Intermission (Technique / Takeover)
6. Session / Song Cry
7. Enth E Nd / All I Need
8. KRWLNG / Never Change

JZFM (Jay-Z & Fort Minor) Bonus Tracks:

1. Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Remember the Name Remix)
2. Change Clothes (High Road Remix)
3. December 4th (Where'd You Go Remix)
4. Red to Black / My 1st Song (THIS TRACK GOES!)

JZLP (Jay-Z & Linkin Park)- The Hybrid Designs EP

Shout out to Aerichk for mixing this and upping this!

~~Mr. Busby~~


  1. could you please re upload again the link is not working