Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paranormal Activity 1.5 (Busby Review)

Yes I KNOW that there is suppose to be a 2 in the title but honestly this movie is 90% prequel and 10% sequel, but I will get into that later. The little horror movie that could that became a blockbuster hit in 2009 returns to give you more reasons to not sleep at night. This time around we get introduced to new characters, and get familiar with some old ones. However the danger is still the same, and that little demon is out to torment its prey.

The movie takes place 2 months before the events of the first movie, and it follows Katie's sister Kristi, (Played by Sprague Grayden, you might remember her from that short CBS series Jericho) who just gave birth to a baby boy named Hunter. She lives with her husband (Brian Boland), her step daughter, (Molly Ephraim, who is pretty cute by the way), and their house keeper. The family then equips their home with security cameras after their home gets wrecked when they were out on vacation. After the cameras are installed we begin to see that the family (mainly Hunter) are being tormented by a evil force that cannot be explained. Like the first movie, the activity gets more intense through out the night, until shit REALLY hits the fan.

Now the movie did its job, director Tod Williams did a good job on bringing back that same atmosphere that the first movie brought. Oren Peli, the man who created and directed the first one, comes in as producer, and he did a good job on picking the right people to re-create the atmosphere the first one brought. Michael Perry did a good job with the screenplay and was really smart on bringing the story together to the first movie. The acting was good, and they really pulled it off like they were a legit family. Like the first one the scares were there too. Every time the night scenes came, you know something bad was about to happen. When you hear a loud bass come in the house, then you know the demon is present and looking for some trouble. The main goal for this movie was that they are NOT going to repeat the same mistake that the Blair Witch Project did with their sequel. Well this movie achieved it...barely

Now from the good, comes the bad, like the first one, this one has a slow build up. Like when I say slow, it DRAGS. I mean the first few nights nothing really happens. I mean you would hear a few bumps and the baby would cry or whatever, but other then that, NOTHING would happen. I guess the movie wanted to fuck with you and have your imagination give you the real fear that something was about to happen. But that cock tease can work for so long. However through, when something happens, trust me YOU KNOW IT. Another thing that really bugged me with this movie was the hand held camera. In the beginning, they were filming for Hunter when he came home from birth. Then after the house gets broken into, the family seems to tape over it and use as evidence about the break in. But after they install the security cameras, there really is no need for the hand held camera. IDK to me it just seemed to pointless to keep using it but whatever.

And now my FINAL pet peeve about this movie is the ending. Without spoiling anything, the ending is pretty much the 10% sequel part of the movie. It was pretty shocking, but it seemed really rushed. It opened new questions, and pretty much set up another sequel, which I am not so happy about. I guess the studio is trying to make Paranormal Activity the new horror franchise and they are going to milk every last dollar out of it. Thats Hollywood for ya..ehh

Now my overall review of the movie is that it got the job done. Personally I thought they should have just left it alone for what it was, I absolutely LOVED the first Paranormal Activity, so when they did annouced a 'sequel' I became skeptical. Because we all knew what happened when the creators of the Blair Witch project wanted to captialize on their hit, they fell flat on their face However Paranormal Activity 2 really surprised me, and like I stated before it got the job done. Now if you are a fan of the first one, you will LOVE this one, but if you HATED the first one then you are gonna absolutely HATE this one. But for me, the movie gets a thumbs up...

oh yeah...

sorry just HAD to say it...

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