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Cole World: The Sideline Story (Busby's Review)

I guess it's a real Cole world after all, in a span of 5 years and 3 critically acclaimed mixtapes. Hov's first signee from Roc Nation finally releases his most anticipated album of 2011 Cole World: The Sideline Story. Ever since I first heard Cole's 2009 mixtape The Warm Up I instantly became a fan. His captivating lyrics and his excellent raw production drew me into his world. I knew Hov had a star in the making, and so did he, that's why he told us all to clap for him. What I also liked about J. Cole was that he went out and made a name for himself. He didn't sit around and wait for Jay-Z to give him a piggy back ride into the rap game. Cole knew that if he wanted to get respect, he had to go out and get it himself, and he did. Thanks to the internet, Cole gained a legion of fans and respect from all over hip-hop. The public was patiently waiting to see what Cole was going to bring the table, and let me just tell y'all, he did NOT disappoint.

Cole World brings you into the mind of Jermaine Cole, it pretty much sums up everything that he was been feeling for the past 5 years. It almost plays like a story from track 1 all the way to the bonus tracks. Almost feels like Cole is the portraying the hip-hop Rudy, he is the underdog that we can all root for. I would go on to say that he is portraying the modern day B. Rabbit. All he wants is one shot, cause he knows that this opportunity only comes once in a life time. Hopefully he don't lose himself in the process.

I'm gonna give y'all a track by track breakdown of the album, and I'll tell y'all if it really is a Cole World.

1. Intro
The album begins with a slow piano build, just like the beginning of Cole's earlier mixtapes. You hear Cole talking to his friends and he begins to talk about what happened to him the day he got signed to Roc Nation. After Cole spits a few bars before heading to the first track. This intro is a nice build up to the first song on the album. It's like getting on a roller coaster when it starts climbing that hill, you just can't wait for that first drop.

Busby's Rating: N/A

2. Dollar And A Dream III
The opening track, and he 3rd part of his trilogy from his Come Up and Warm Up mixtapes. Cole is behind the boards on this, and he makes the song as epic as possible. With epic horns and a hard pounding bass, Grown Simba roars on to the album. Cole's hunger is still there and his flow captivates you from the first bar, and he lets you know that he isn't going to let up for anything. He even tells you how many people he inspires since he brew up.

"I got the nerds rappin' hard shit, dummies rappin' smart shit
Mozart meets Humphrey Bogart with this from the heart shit"

This track is nothing more then 4:43 seconds of endless bars. Good song to open up the album, and it sets the mood.

Busby's Review: 5/5

3. Can't Get Enough (feat. Trey Songz)
The 2nd single for the album, and it's a nice smooth track to get you into the groove of the album. Personally, I am not that big of a fan of the single, that is just my opinion. Honestly this is one of the tracks that I feel that feels out of place and kinda messes up the flow of the album. I know why Cole put this on the album because he knew he needed that one track that he knows the radio will play. Plus Trey Songz is on it, so you know the females are gonna love it automatically. Honestly I feel the weakest lines on this album is this:

Never mind that, girl, let’s make a track
I’ll beat the pussy up, that’s the hook right thurr
That’s the hook, right there
There’s the hook, right there
Never mind that, girl, let’s make a track
I’ll beat the pussy up, that’s the hook right thurr

I don't know but that is just me, but I am not gonna blame Cole, Hov drove him to make a track like I blame Hov.

Busby's Review: 3/5

4. Lights Please
If you heard The Warm Up mixtape then you are real familiar with this track. Cole said the reason why he put it on the album was because it was the song that got him signed, and he felt that putting it here at this point of the album would show his growth. He didn't really change anything on the song, it just sounds a lot more mastered and clearer. One of my favorite tracks when I first heard it a few years ago, and it still holds up today.

Busby's Review: 4/5

5. Interlude
This track continues from the Intro where Cole continues his story about what happened to him the night he got signed. Over a steady piano riff, Cole explains how he got arrested and spent the night in jail for ticket he didn't pay when he went to NY. He said it was the easiest night he ever did in jail because he knew as soon as he gets out, he knows his life is gonna change forever. I like how Cole brought the atmosphere on to the track where u actually felt you were in the police station with him. Almost feels like The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill on bringing the atmosphere to the listener. Good lead in to the next track..

Busby's Review: N/A

6. Sideline Story
Now the beat on this song sounds REALLY similar to this track, but it just has a little J. Cole twist to it. I'm really feeling this song, Cole addresses alot of stuff that has been running in his mind since he got signed. He even addresses the critics on how he feels when Hov doesn't really give him shout outs.

Some nigga ask me why Jay never shout me out
Like I’m supposed to give a fuck
Don’t you know that I be out in France
Where the fans throw they hands like Pacquiao
Not cause my looks, cause my hooks could knock Rocky out

When Hov was talking about teaching his crew to be kings, that line is the complete example. Very good track right here...

Busby's Review: 5/5

7. Mr. Gold Watch (feat. Jay-Z)
Now this is the track where some bloggers call the "hit of the winter" when they heard it at the listening party. Now we all know how some internet bloggers like blowing shit out of proportion, but trust me when I heard that Hov finally turned his verse in for the album I was kinda excited. Now the track sounds like some techo shit, almost sounds like some shit that could have been on Watch The Throne. Kinda surprised that Cole produced this song, kinda shows you that he can produce damn near anything. Hov's verse is light weight nice too, but honestly it kinda sounds like a throw away verse he would have did for WTT.

"Y'all know where y'all niggas gonna wind up?
No more Mr. Nice Guy, hello Mr. Nice Watch
Only but a matter of time before I hit yall niggas with a nice shot
Y'all niggas betta not call the law
Get no blood on my Audemar
Meaning y'all better not waste my time.."

To be honest, this track sounds COMPLETELY out of place on this album, I mean it's decent don't get me wrong. However, I feel Cole should have just made this a bonus track or something...

Busby's Review: 3.5/5

8. Cole World
The techno beat continues with the title track of the album, with the driving bopping 808's thumping. Cole's lyrics are on point too letting you know that now that he is on, he ain't never letting up..

"Uh, turn up the 808's for me
Back when I was starvin' no one made a plate for me
Now I do it big and that's my day to day story
I got the type of shit that make a hater say sorry"

Good track right here and gets you into a nice little groove for the album.

Busby's Review: 4/5

9. In The Morning (feat. Drake)
You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard this by now, the Friday Night Lights baby maker track makes its presence known on this album. Cole said the reason why he put it on the album was because he felt the masses didn't really hear the single when it first got released. I mean yeah the internet fans heard it a 1000X already but the new fans can now get a good grasp on it. Hopefully we can get a proper video for it if he decides to re-release it as a single. I can never get tired of this song to be honest. Maybe because I don't listen to the radio alot..ha

Busby's Review: 4.5/5

10. Lost Ones
Now this song is the cautionary tale of what happens if you hit it a little too much in the morning. This song leaked out a few months ago, and I only really heard it once, however I didn't really listen to it. Now that I hear it in its completed form, this is a very deep track. The song is a story of a couple who just found that they are going to have a child, and are arguing about rather they should keep the child. Cole really painted a picture to the listener on this track, and he executed perfectly..

She wanted him to show his heart and say he loved her
He spoke the magic words and on the same day he fucked her
Now she wide open. She put a ring up on his finger if she could
But he loved her cause the pussy good
But she ain't no wife though
Uh oh! She telling him she missed her period like typos
He panicking, froze up like a mannequin
A life grows inside, and now he asking "is it even mine?"
What if this bitch ain't even pregnant dog, could she be lying?
And she be crying cause he acting distant
Like "ever since I told you this, nigga you acting different"
And all his niggas saying these hoes be trapping niggas
Playing with niggas' emotions like they some action figures
Swear they get pregnant for collateral, it's like extortion
Man if that bitch really pregnant tell her to get a abortion...
But what about your seed nigga?

In other words folks..WRAP IT UP!!!

Busby's Review: 5/5

11. Nobody's Perfect (feat. Missy Elliott)
Misdemeanor makes a rare appearance on this album with her hook, and trust me she kills it. The beat is knocking too thanks to Cole's production, and Cole's lyrics and flow really hits this song out the park. Hopefully Cole makes this a single, to be honest I don't know why THIS song wasn't the FIRST single..but hey that is just my opinion.

Busby's Review: 5/5

12. Never Told
One of the only tracks NOT produced by J. Cole, instead it is produced by Mr. West's mentor No I.D. The beat has a really smooth feel to it, No I.D really made a beat that was perfect for J. Cole. Song pretty much tells the story of a dude playing with a females emotions, and I guess he learned it all from his father. Pretty deep track with deep lyrics..

You fuck her fast, she find her drawers, pull up her pants, you find the door
You drive her home, she mop you off, you bust again, and drop her off
Then repeat like an episode, why we cheat? I'll never know
Is it cause we rap ? Heaven's no, lotta niggas rap though, never blow
A heterosexual, girl you fine, from head to toe
Could it be cause my father let me know
That he cheated, and somehow I never told
I never told..

Busby's Review: 4/5

13. Rise & Shine
OH...MY....GOD...Since i heard this song I've been playing this shit NON stop. Cole's production on here is just AMAZING, if you gonna listen to this track, listen to it with the Beats From Dr. Dre headphones. The track begins with a clip from the movie Backstage where Hov talks about how he knows there is rapper out there that is coming up with amazing shit, and is coming for his spot. However, Hov says that he is gonna find him and sign him. After that the beat begins to build with a female choir harmonizing. After that Grown Simba just ROARS on to the track, almost line after line Cole just RIPS this track apart. He even shuts up the haters at the same time with one line...

But if this shit ain't fire nigga, why you noddin' with it?
The hate in your blood can't stop your soul from vibin' with it
Now you all conflicted cause my flows is wicked
And my hoes is thicker and all of yours is pickin' me
Cause they know a star when they see a star, nigga
Ain't even got to fuck him to know he a raw nigga
I got her in my bedroom, but cheer up, nigga
You saved so many hoes, you a hero nigga!

I kinda wished that either Kanye and/or Hov would have graced this track with a guest feature. However, Cole makes this track into his own, this track just makes me want to throw the roc in the air, real talk...

Busby's Review: 5/5

14. God's Gift
After that last monster track, this song comes in to clean up the pieces. Cole's flow is a beauty on this track, and so is the beat. Cole said that this was the original track that he wanted Hov to jump on, and honestly it really does suit him. However, the track was good as it was, and Cole ripped it.

Busby's Review: 4.5/5

15. Breakdown
A very emotional track right here to close out the album here. Cole really pours his heart out on this song and opens up about alot of stuff, especially about his mom. Really goes in on the concept of breaking down when shit gets real bad for somebody. Deep track.

Busby's Review: 4/5

**Bonus Tracks**

16. Work Out
The lead single, catchy hook, catchy beat, and a genius way to flip Mr. West's Workout Plan song. Kinda tired of the song now since they playing the fuck out of it now, but I can understand why Cole made this a bonus track. It would REALLY fuck up the flow of the album. However, its still ok I guess..

Busby's Review: 3.5/5

17. Who Dat
The hype single, still gets some spins from me and it still knocks, the flame still holds up.

Busby's Review: 4/5

18. Daddy’s Little Girl
Pretty much a track about a hoe, nuff said. Beat is alright I guess, but i can understand why he made this a bonus track. I can see myself skipping this down the line to be honest..

Busby's Review: 3/5

19. Nothing Lasts Forever
ANYBODY who has been in a rocky relationship can relate to this song. A nice break up song you can listen to get you thru a rocky break up. The beat is smooth and Cole's flow is decent...good track

Busby's Review: 4/5

Busby's Overall Opinion:

Overall Simba made a very SOLID debut album, it almost brings all his mixtapes full circle. You can tell that Cole really took his time to construct a very good album, and he did just that. Even with the mixtape tracks it really didn't mess up the flow of the album. However, Mr. Gold Watch and Can't Get Enough ALMOST messed up the flow, but they DID serve a purpose. Cole really is like Simba, he really can't wait to be king, and he came a long way to turn back now. Now the album most likely won't sell a millie in it's first week, unlike some people Cole doesn't cheat. However, this album will sell enough to keep his fans happy for a long time. Hov really did find a diamond in the rough with this artist...hopefully he don't fuck him over..

Busby's Review: 4/5

~~Mr. Busby~~

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