Monday, October 17, 2011

Busby's Top 7 Favorite Eminem albums...

Today is marks the day when Debbie's baby boy was born. Marshall Bruce Mathers III turns 39 today, kinda crazy that just a few years ago he was telling Benzino that he was kicking 40's door down. Now Slim is just a year away from doing just that. For now, since it is Em's born day I am gonna caught down my favorite Eminem albums of all time. He only had 7 solo albums, which sold millions worldwide, and I am going to rank them from his album, all to way to his best piece of work.


Now this is Em's most disappointing album by far in my opinion, shit Em even admits that he was on drugs when he was recording this. Some Em fans can say that this was his worst album. I won't say this album was bad, I would say just from listening to the tracks that Em just got lazy. The first half of the album was great, with songs like Evil Deeds, Yellow Brick Road, Mosh, & Like Toy Soldiers, it was kinda shaping up to be a classic album. Until, the 2nd half of the album came on, with songs like Big Weenie, Just Lose It, and that God awful single Ass Like That (which I still couldn't believe he actually released as a single) the album just fall on it's face. It really just seemed like Em got lazy and just through some bullshit together at the last minute, he knew the shit was gonna sell no matter what cause his name was on it. However, you can kinda tell that Em was starting to go through his drug depression stage when this album came out. After listening to this album, I kinda wanted to a pop a pill too...


Em's first album ever, released in 1996, Em came into hip-hop with that Nas/AZ flow. It was his first introduction into hi-hop as a white boy that can rap. I was amazed on his word play on this album, and how he was able to rhyme big as words like telekinesis, mentally, gently, sentimentally, instrumentally etc. I was like "Oh my.." when I first heard this. Too bad this album want under the radar back then, but its understandable. Nas and AZ already perfected the flow that Em was using back then, and Vanilla Ice was too busy ruining the reputation of white rappers. So it was a lose, lose situation for Slim back then, and it was actually the best thing that can happen to him. Now, if y'all ever get a chance to download this album do it (because it is really hard to find a copy now a days), it's really crazy to hear how far he came.


The album that introduced the world to Slim Shady, after Infinite Em switched his whole style up. Slim Shady LP was just full of dark comedy, and graphic stories about a crazy person having fun fucking up the world. With dark comedy stories like Brain Damage & As The World Turns. Dark graphic songs like 96 Bonnie & Clyde, and Role Model. Em came into hip-hop with his middle finger in the air and he just waved it around to everybody cause he just didn't give a fuck. When I listen to the album now it's still kinda crazy how some of the songs still hold up. Shit Em even introduced Royce Da 5'9 on the album and it was the genesis of the Bad Meets Evil. This album set the tone for hip-hop that there was a new white boy in town..with the help of the good Dr. Dre.


I already wrote a review for this album a while back so I am not gonna go into too much detail on it. My opinion hasn't really changed on it, I still bump it from time to time. However, when I really listened to it now, Em really toned himself the fuck down. It was his first album sober, so he finally saw stuff with a clearer mind, Personally, I liked his shit more when his mind was just a tad bit fucked up. But that is just me.


FUCK what you heard, and FUCK what Em says, this album is the shit, and it still is the shit. I already covered this topic before so i am not gonna go to deep on it again. I still bump this album, along with Refill, and still believe this was one of Em's best album lyrically and one of Dre's best album production wise. Too bad the 2nd half of the album is in his trash somewhere in his studio....oh well


Now this album was the very first Eminem album I actually brought, and when I was young I used to bump this album religiously from track 1 all the way to track 20. The Eminem Show was almost entirety produced by Eminem himself. He really showed his ass production wise on how he can make a record. It was also Em's most personal album when he was open about his fucked up relationship with his mother (Cleaning Out My Closet) and his love for his daughter (Hailie's Song). He even showed off his lyrical skills but still kept that poppy sound like Business, Square Dance, & Without Me. However, the main highlights of the album was the Aerosmith sample Sing For The Moment, and Nate Dogg hook banger Till I Collapse. This album still holds up after damn near 10 years, and it is damn near Em's best album.


The album that got EVERYBODY paying attention to Eminem. Most arguably Em's best album that he ever made. It was the perfect album in my opinion, you had comedy, horror, and crazy lyrically skills all on one album. This album has classic tracks like The Way I Am, Kill You, and of course the catchy The Real Slim Shady. To this day it still holds as his most controversial album all because he was throwing around the word fag, well at least he wasn't saying nigga. This album rather Em knew it or not, put him into the major leagues of hip-hop, where you just HAD to take him serious. One of my favorite Eminem albums of all time, and still is to this day...

Happy Birthday Slim..wish you many more to come...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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