Monday, February 20, 2012

MTV's Hottest Emcees of 2011: Busby's Opinion

For the 5th year in a row MTV gathers together the "greatest minds of hip-hop" and conjurer together the top 10 rappers who made the biggest impact in the past year. MTV is the same network that instead of airing music videos they air reality shows dealing with teen pregnancy and how cool it is to be from Jersey. So to take ANY opinion from MTV right now is damn near comical right now. But for some reason, the hip-hop community pays attention to this bullshit because we hold on just a LITTLE bit of HOPE that they will get it right for once. This year, like any other year we were wrong again...

The list is as follows:

10. Wale
9. Wiz Khalifa
8. Big Sean
7. Meek Mill
6. Jay-Z
5. Lil'Wayne
4. Nicki Minaj
3. Kanye West
2. Drake
1. Rick Ross

Now for some odd reason MTV feels that J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T, Kendrick Lamar, and Tyler, The Creator who ALL had a break through year in 2011 were not hot enough to make the list.

First off...let me just say that Wale in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM had a better year then J. Cole. In 2011 J. Cole had his album debut at number 1, his single Work Out went platinum, had a lot of note worthy features with other artist (Notably with Mrs. Carter) AND he was nominated for a Grammy for Best New artist (which you know he don't want to talk about). Although Wale ALMOST had an equal year as Cole, he in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM was more hotter then Cole...just NO WAY..

My blood pressure went a little bit more higher when i realized that K.R.I.T, Kendrick AND Tyler didn't make the list when they had a break through year in hip-hop. Big K.R.I.T AND Kendrick Lamar had the most critically acclaimed mixtapes last year, and their buzz was OFF THE CHARTS. Those 2 needed to be on that list more then ANYBODY. Tyler, The Creator of all people should have been on the list at least, shit maybe even number 10. Any rookie rapper WISHED they had a year like Tyler, The Creator did, he witnessed the power of what one tweet can bring to your career. After performing on Jimmy Fallon, Tyler and his Odd Future group had one of the biggest buzzes in hip-hop. Tyler was getting co-signs from damn near every rapper in the game and it also lead to his album opening at number 1 on the hip-hop and independent charts. It ALSO lead him in winning best new artist at the VMA's, so for him NOT to get recognized for his accomplishments last year is a slap is damn near a slap in the face.

Alot of these panelist arguments about the ranking of this list is damn right hypocritical and also damn right bias. Saying that J. Cole couldn't make the list because he had an "industry push" is the most stupidest argument I ever heard of. J. Cole built his fame BY HIMSELF, he had little to NO help on Hov's part. Let's not forget how Cole was damn near sweating the fact that Jay-Z didn't submit his verse before his album was due to the label. Let's not forget how much work Cole put in to building his fan base. From dropping 2 critically acclaimed mixtapes, to going on tour, to countless other things, he went number 1 WITHOUT his bosses help. Meanwhile, Wale pulled a LeBron and jumped ship to Rick Ross's MMG and got himself a new found buzz. Now isn't THAT an "Industry push"?...

Meek Mill is ranked higher then Jay-Z....I repeat Meek Mill is RANKED HIGHER then Jay-Z! Meek Mill did NOT have an album drop last year, all he had were too big club radio singles and ummmm....that is pretty much it. Meanwhile Jay-Z along with Kanye dropped one of the biggest albums of 2011 with Watch The Throne. Had one of the biggest tours of the year, knocked up one of the hottest chicks in the game, AND announced he was gonna headline Carnegie Hall in NYC. The closest thing that Meek Mill got to Carnegie Hall was passing out flyers to his concert at the local bar down the street. How is that beginner even mentioned in the same league as Jay-Z? It just boogers my mind.

Now having Rick Ross at number one shows that this list is payed for by the good people at Maybach Music Group. According to MTV Rick Ross, who had NO album released last year, NO number 1 singles and NO mixtapes, had bigger year then the rest of the list. He had a bigger year then Kanye West who was fresh off dropping My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and is one half of the Throne. Even through Kanye had the G.O.O.D. Fridays tracks, the Runaway feature film, and a bunch of Grammy Nominations. The MTV "brain trust" feel that Rick Ross had a better year then both Drake AND Kanye.

I know what MTV is trying to do with this list and I see right through that bullshit. I ain't falling for this brainwashing bullshit of a list, and damn near half of the world aint falling for it either. Jay-Z and Kanye should have been ranked together because they BOTH had one of the biggest years of their career, NOBODY had a year like them. Rather you liked the album or not The Throne were not just the hottest but they were the BIGGEST rappers of 2011. Ross must have paid good money to MTV to have niggas really convince the masses that Rick Ross is one of the hottest rappers in the game. They must really think we are stupid, real fucking talk.

Well, I stand corrected I AM stupid, for giving this list ANY type of credibility or acknowledgment. People who have brains knows who had the biggest year in 2011, people with any type of common sense knows what the get down is. They don't need a music station that does NOT play music videos to out an opinion about what is hot in the "streets". At the end of the day, its all just opinion, and we have to respect that opinion no matter what right?...

naw fuck that, fuck their opinion....

~~Mr. Busby~~

And in case y'all wondering who my top 10 hottest emcees of 2011 you go:

1. The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West)
2. Drake
3. Rick Ross
4. Nicki Minaj
5. Lil' Wayne
6. J. Cole
7. Wale
8. Kendrick Lemar
9. Big K.R.I.T
10. Tyler, The Creator

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