Friday, March 2, 2012

Project X (Busby's Review)

Now if somebody asks me to describe this movie, here is how I would describe this film. If Superbad and House Party were chilling together and they bumped into The Hangover and decided to have a night out together, and during that night out they met up with that movie The Kids and THEN decided to do acid and a shit load of other drugs. THAT is EXACTLY what Project X is, if you seen the trailers for the movie, you already know what you are in for.

Project X is let ANOTHER movie from the found footage genre, this time around we follow 3 teenage boys who decided to throw birthday party while their parents are away for the weekend. Now this just ain't just ANY birthday party, this is gonna be the ULTIMATE party. They are going to throw this party just to make a name for themselves at their high school. Now of course they decide to document this on their video camera by one of their high school acquaintance who is rather silent through out the movie. However, he does say a few lines here and there, but his job was just to film and film only. I know it sounds cliche enough, but what else is original these days in Hollywood?

The first 15 min of the movie is rather slow of course because they are getting ready for the party, (Invites, grocery shopping, bullshit to mom and dad, picking up drugs, etc) but I rather call that the calm before the storm. As soon as the party guest show up, that is when shit gets going. Now let me just tell you that the movie trailer and the TV spots does NOT do the movie justice. The shit that is in this movie CANNOT be shown on network television, to be honest I was surprised it kept that R rating. From drinking, to drug use, to sex, to everything you can think of, this really is a teenagers best dream, and a parent's worst nightmare. Pretty much this movie was long form version of this video..

I also had to suspend my common logic and use my movie logic A LOT of the time. I mean seriously this shit was more of a club then a fucking house party. Another thing, I REALLY couldn't understand how there was over a THOUSAND people at the party and was LOUD AS SHIT and the cops were only called ONCE. Well, there WERE white, because if these dudes were black that party would have ended 10 min after it started, but I digress.

Other then that, the movie was funny as hell, I was either having a big smile on my face or LMAO through out the ENTIRE movie. It also brought back some memories of some house parties I went to in my teenage years. Of course it didn't get as crazy like in this movie, but it was pretty up there. The soundtrack was good too, it set the mood right through the entire movie. It was pretty much the soundtrack for our generation of youth, which is pretty scary and sad if you think about it, but lets save that for another time.

All in all, Project X is the ultimate party movie for our generation of youth. Shit, I might go and say that this movie might be cult classic some where down the line. You KNOW what you are getting yourself into as soon as the movie starts, it's a CELEBRATION BITCHES! So enjoy yourself! Shit I might just go and see this movie again....

Busby's Review 5/5

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