Thursday, June 28, 2012

MMG Presents: Self Made, Volume 2 (Busby's Review)

Now if you follow me on twitter you would already know that I'm not really a MMG fan.  I mean their music is alright for what it is.  What I DON'T LIKE is how Ross and his crew make themselves out to be bigger then they actually are.  From the unnecessary cinematic trailers, to unnecessary dick riding press conferences. To unnecessary listening parties where you DON'T listen to the album, and unnecessary cheerleaders of bloggers that dick ride even harder. That kinda shit just makes turns me off towards them.  I mean shit, even their videos are the fucking same!  I mean really, what is the difference between this video and this video? Not a goddamn thing! All you need is an abandoned warehouse, expensive ass whips (which are probably rented), video models, and shot of Ciroc.  That is your typical ass MMG music video, nothing creative AT ALL.  So as you can tell I'm not really on the bandwagon like that.

However I have to admit that they DO have a pretty good squad.  I mean they aren't really THAT lyrical like Shady Records and/or G.O.O.D Music, but they are pretty fucking decent.  As much as I hate to admit it, they do make a lot of good music.  Self Made, Volume 2 is the follow up to last year's Self Made.  A compilation album showcasing the very best of the MMG roster, and giving you a sneak preview of things to come.  Last year the first Self Made resurrected the career of Wale and also debuted the Philly rapper known as Meek Mill.  This year, MMG added Omarion and he renamed himself "Maybach O", I guess Ross is trying to resurrect careers.

The 8 and half minute opening track Power Circle showcases damn near the entire MMG roster.  They all do pretty decent jobs on it especially Gunplay.  However the real star on the track is Kendrick Lamar, and he is not even on their label!  Black Magic which features Ross and Meek Mill is a typical MMG song.  Heavy bass driving trap music, which is pretty suitable for Meek, but to be honest its pretty forgettable.  This Thing Of Ours features Wale and Ross with Omarion on the hook which is pretty decent.  However, the real highlight of the song is when Nasir Jones makes his presence known and he absolutely KILLS it.  Again, another rapper that is NOT on the label is OUTSHINING everybody on the main roster. 

All Birds and Actin' Up both feature French Montana who is pretty much an unofficial member of MMG.  All Birds has pretty forgettable verses from both Ross and Montana.  The beat is pretty forgettable too.  Actin Up is a pretty monstrous record.  Meek Mill, Wale and Montana did their thing on the joint I can't lie and it pretty much is a slapper.  Fountain Of Youth is a pretty smooth track which features Nipsey Hussle.  Same with I Be Puttin' On which features Wale, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, & Roscoe Dash on the hook.  Pretty decent track, but if you noticed it seems like the featured artists are getting more shine on the album instead of the main MMG roster.

 The smoothness continues with The Zenith with Wale, Stalley, and Ross showcasing their skills.  Maybach O makes his presence known with M.I.A which is guaranteed to be a hit for the ladies same with Let's Talk.  The lead single Bag Of Money which features T-Pain is alright for what it is, but it's pretty forgettable to me.  Gunplay makes his presence known again after 12 tracks in with Black On Black which features Ace Hood and Bun B.  However, the track is pretty blah for me, and the only thing I like about it is Bun B's verse.  Other then that, the record is nothing special...

Another highlight record for this album is Fluorescent Ink which features Wale, Stalley, and Ross.  I like everything about that track.  From the beat, to the lyrics, to the overall feel of the record, real highlight for me.  The album closes with Ross and T.I.P's Bury Me A G, which is just alright for me.  Ross was alright on it, but of course the guest feature T.I. ripped him.

Overall the album is a hit and miss, unlike Self Made 1 there really wasn't a lot of banging tracks.  There were no Ima Boss, and 2Pac Back type records.  Giving that this is a album showcasing the MMG roster, it seemed like they relied more on the features to carry the records.  However, that is the M.O over there at Maybach Music.  They always have to rely on the featured artist to carry the bulk of their albums.  Besides the features, Omarion did his thing on the album and if they release his songs as singles it might just jump start his career again

Later on in the summer Rick Ross and Meek Mill are going to drop their solo albums.  God Forgives, I Don't has had a TON of push backs and Dreams & Nightmares is one of the most anticipated debut album of the year.  Hopefully those albums don't have a ton of fillers on them like Self Made 2 has.   Is MMG still overhyped?..Yes...Do they still make good music?..I guess? 

So pretty much...the album is pretty blah...

Busby's Review: 3/5

~~Mr. Busby~~

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  1. I am confused here... are you telling me to love it or hate it?! lolll You seem on the fence... and I for the record I refuse to buy Rick Ross anything, loll.