Friday, August 10, 2012

Busby's Open Letter to Justin Timberlake...

Dear Justin Timberlake,

Wassup man, how has everything been with you?  I see you've been getting your movie money and also you've been getting that Myspace money (if it's worth anything now).  Also I heard you about to get married to your little honey, which I am also happy for you.  Life is good for you right now, but I gotta holler at you for a second homie.  Do you know how long it's been since you dropped your last album?  6 years...that's right, 6 fucking years b!...Let me do the math for ya dogg.  Since I've been writing this letter, it's been 6 years, 2,159 days, 19 hours, 56 minutes, and 43 seconds since you dropped your sophomore classic album FutureSex/LoveSounds, and STILL counting.  It's been 6 years, since you gained a whole genre of fans.  It's been almost a DECADE since you distanced yourself from them Urkels keeping your wins low.  I'm speaking on behalf of all the fans of music, PLEASE go back to the studio and drop another gem on us, we are BEGGING YOU!!

Do you have any idea how excited we all were when we got word that you were in a music studio?  I felt like doing back flips like Aly Raisman.  Everybody was celebrating for joy thinking that you gonna come back and regain your spot.  We was thinking that you were gonna come back and show that other young cat on how it's suppose to be done.  Then our dreams were shattered when your rep shot down the rumor.  Instead you are shooting ANOTHER movie that is not due out for another year....**sigh**

 Look I understand that movie money is good money.  I mean it's REALLY good easy money to make, and I ain't mad at ya.  I mean you have been a FEW good movies, Social Network being one of them.  You are also a regular on SNL and I'm not gonna lie, you are pretty funny every time you are a guest host on the show.  The Dick In The Box parody record became a hit and was fucking catchy as hell.  But let's keep it real man, music is your forte and it's who you truly are. It seems apparent that now a days, music has became your side hustle, and it seems like its not really a priority no more. I mean I respect you getting your money and all that but you need to get back in the studio where you belong. You are STILL a music artist, don't you forget that!

It's gotten to the point now that every time I see a new movie trailer of you I cringe.  It's like with every movie you are in, that could have been time you could have been in the studio and dropped more music.  Now DON'T ACT LIKE you still don't got it, because you STILL do, so don't play that bullshit with me.  I understand that you said numerous times that you have to be really inspired to drop another album.  After Justified, it took you 4 years to drop FutureSex/LoveSounds because you needed to get that itch again to go back into the studio.  But dude, it's been 6 FUCKING YEARS, and you STILL haven't got the itch to drop at least ONE more album?

I don't want to see your talent go to waste man, you have dropped classic music over the years.  From your record that made people's eyebrow raise.  To hooking up with Pharrell and having a breakout record that made people know that you were serious about your solo shit.  To making the biggest "Fuck You" song to your ex.  To hooking up with Timbaland and dropping one of the best dance songs of the decade.  I mean shit, the McDonalds catchphrase was inspired by one of YOUR records man!  And you got classics with NSYNC too, I'm not gonna down play that either.  I can go on and on, but you can get my drift.

 Bottom line Timberlake, what I'm trying to say is, we miss hearing you on the airwaves.  You became the Eminem of R&B music.  You became the white boy that everybody loved because it didn't matter what skin color you were.  You dropped really GOOD music, and that was ALL that mattered.  We are BEGGING you to come out of music retirement and go back into that studio and drop another gem of classic material for the masses.  We believe in you Justin, you shouldn't let that other Justin go and take ya spot like that.  You still got it in ya....when you DO come back...we will be waiting...


~~Mr. Busby~~

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