Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busby's Random Thoughts...

1. Haven't been on here for a min...was gonna post some reviews for some movies and shit..but some of them weren't even worth reviewing....but I WILL go on to say that THIS one of the best movies of the year..real shit.

2. 2K13 is a good game...I mean honestly its just the same game just with Hova's fingerprints all over it.

3.  As of right now..Nas and Frank Ocean have the best album of the year.  And I have a feeling that Kendrick Lemar is gonna join that club.

4.  Oh yeah...does ANYBODY still listen to THIS album?..

I swear I only bumped this shit ONCE and went back to listening to Basterd.  That album is WAAAY to long and some tracks should have been cut.

5. And I have a feeling Earl's album is gonna be the same shit.

6.  D.O.B (Death To Bloggers)..especially the dick riding ones...

7.  I'll be 25 next month

8. I watched CM Punk's DVD online..and it is by far one of the best WWE DVD's they released.  Real shit...

9. It's nice that Hov brought Brooklyn a basketball team..but let's be real...the Nets aren't gonna be shit....but hey...if they go 0-82 Hov will just think its gravy..

10.  That Hov concert in Brooklyn was epic all his concerts now...there is NOTHING like being at a Jay-Z concert.  I saw his ass twice (BP3 & WTT) and it was epic in every word possible.  As much as i hate his dickriding fans...Hov is in that class as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

11. This man is still better then him tho..

12. And so is this man..

13. I still find it funny on how sensitive Hov Stans get when someone brings up Ether...and they just REFUSE to remember that THIS happened..but hey..what do I know...

14. This man is still a bitch...fuck him

And I know this is for a good cause and all..but really tho...fuck him...

15.  It's a damn shame that Slaughterhouse flopped..smh

16. Oh yeah I officially got hooked to Once Upon A Time...caught up to the series on Netflix that other day and it is surprisingly good...pretty unique if u ask me.

17. It sucks SOO much monkey dick that I gotta wait a whole year for the last season of Breaking Bad.

18. Fuck Mitt Romney...

19. Obama bitch...

20. That is all...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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