Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Busby's Top 10 Most Random Eminem Features.

"Eminem murdered you on your own shit" is a saying that Nas has made famous on Ether.  That quote wasn't just meant for Hov, it was also meant for damn near every artist that wants to have Em drop a verse.  Be prepared to get out shined when that white boy steps in the mic booth.  Em has some very memorable features through out his career, however some of the songs he jumped on really makes me scratch my head.  I mean in hindsight some of the songs were suited for him, but just to see his name or hear his vocals just randomly pop up on a certain song is just....random.  So right now, here are my top 10 most random Marshall Mathers features.

10. Love The Way You Lie (Part II)

It was only right to have a sequel to Em's number one hit from Recovery.  I mean it made sense for Rih Rih to make her very own version of the song coming from the female's point of view.  But to be honest, Em's verse wasn't really needed IMO.  His verse where he was literally just shouting for a majority of his appearance for his lover to be with him forever was just...random...and kinda uncomfortable.  But hey Rih Rih likes that rough shit, why else you think she went back to her lover?..

9. Dead Wrong (Remix)

Now this was random because through out the whole record you just hear Biggie spitting some raw, uncensored lyrics. Talking about slapping females, raping folks and fucking people's momma's and shit.  Just crazy shit, then mid way through the song you just head Diddy go, "Ladies and gentlemen.."  Then you just heard this white boy spit a raw ass verse about Devil worshiping, murdering woman and shit that was just as CRAZY as Biggie's verses...pretty much right up Em's allay.  NO one saw that coming....it was very..random.

 8. Airplanes II

This was a surprise to me because I really didn't expect Em to spit on a beat like that.  It was a really good concept, and B.o.B, Hayley Williams, and Em really did kill it.  Also I found it funny how Em was just saying the word "shit" through out his verse and was just finding ways to flip it.  He did kill it by the way...it was just very random just to hear his voice just pop up on a track like that.

7. Drop The World

To this day I am still lightweight shocked that Em appeared on this shit with Weezy.  Nobody really saw it coming, at all.  Especially the fact that Em was pretty much the only featured male rapper on Weezy's rock album Rebirth.  With Weezy's slow and syrup induced flow, Em really came in out of NO WHERE and spit in my opinion, one of his best guest verses since 50's Patiently Waiting.  He literally rapped circles around Weezy on that shit.  Weezy tried to give Em another round on No Love, but Em shut that shit down too. Not surprised that Em ripped it tho..because you know..it's Lil Wayne...but still..random.

 6. Roman's Revenge

 Once upon a time, Nicki Minaj used to rap...shocking right?  Roman's Revenge was a song where Nicki was letting her alter ego Roman Zolanski take control and spit them crazy insane rhymes.  So of course she wanted Slim Shady to make a special appearance, which came as a shock to damn near everybody.  Giving the fact that this was Nicki Minaj's debut album, to have Eminem of all people make an appearance was really something. IMO the record is still good and it still holds up today, Em and Nicki's chemistry was strong on this.  IF Em was back in his Relapse faze, him and Nicki would have did ALOT more songs together.  However, as of right now Roman's Revenge is a nice one and done record for him...still random though.

5. Lean Back (Remix)

I don't know what was more random about this.  Ma$e's verses, Lil Jon just randomly shouting on the record, or Em's verse.  This whole song always leaves me mind boggered on why Em jumped on this shit.  I mean his verse was decent for what it was.  But it was the first time where Em jumped on a remix to a very popular mainstream record at the time.  It is also the first (and only) time where you would hear a Em verse come on in the club.  Cause I remember the clubs would blast this remix on the REGULAR....just..very...random....

4. Smack That

You know..Akon owes Em BIG time for this record.  It was Em's biggest hits and also in my opinion, one of his most random appearances.  I mean you have Akon singing and flowing in all his swagged out glory.  Then Em comes in sounding like a damn hillbilly when he starts rapping.   I mean too me, it seriously sounds like I want to get out and start line dancing.  But that's just me....still a good verse tho....and still random.

3. Forever
This all star posse cut really did come out of no where a few years ago.  Drake was just breaking out and getting 3 of the biggest names in hip-hop on one track was such a major look for him.  However to be honest, Em's appearance really benefited Drake a lot more.  I mean sure you have Kanye and Weezy on the track, but to be honest if Em NEVER appeared on this record.  Forever wouldn't be as big as it is now.  That's just MY opinion, but honestly ask ANYBODY who had the highlight verse on that record.  And if they say anybody else that is NOT named Eminem, then they are just lying.  It was also very random for Em to appear on this record because..like the Lean Back Remix, he usually doesn't do posse cuts like this.  So him appearing on this record was really quite the surprise to a lot of people.

2. Numb
Yeah.....Em was just....very....out of place on this record....I mean the beat was good...but it was just very...random..he really brought NOTHING to the record...like..at ALL  I mean it's not a bad verse, I've heard him spit worse, but man..I hope that pussy check was worth it Slim...

1. Here Comes The Weekend
Yes..this shit right here..is by far the most RANDOM feature Eminem has EVER been on.  Everything from the beat, to the concept, to the lyrics, just EVERYTHING.  I mean I understand he was returning the favor for having her sing the hook for Won't Back Down.  But he could he have rapped over like ANOTHER beat or song?....He really had NO business on this song.  I mean his verse was not bad at all....it was just...out of place..and just....so...RANDOM...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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