Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trapped In Da version

yes i am bored...just press play and follow the song along with the instrumental...enjoy bitches...

7:00 in the morning
And I wake my black ass..up
Looked at some girl and was like "who the fuck are you"
And she says "Hello, my darling, lets go for round 2"
Then I thought about it, and wat I just did wasn't cool!
Now I got this dumb look on my face like "what the fuuuuuck?"
I can't believe the stupid shit, that I fucking done
I must have lost my fucking mind
How I think this girl was finnne?
Went to the glow, then to her home
must have drank to much alcohol
So I got up and just put on my clothes
Got my car keys and got my black ass on out the door
I bet u she is in the bed just wonderen
"How he gon leave that way?"
This shit is too damn crazy, and this just FUCKED up my day!
Damn I got a wife at home
Can't belive I let that Ho give me dome!
How am I gonna explain this when I get home
When she finds out I'm gonna be on own
Fuck, fuck, I FUCKED up
Can't believe that I done it
When she finds out I messed around,
I know I'm going down
What am I gonna tell where i've been through?
"I went to sleep smoking too much indo"?...
shit naw...shit naw..Shit she gonna know a nigga lying!
So now I'm by my apartment and I am figuring out.. am i gonna explain this shit to my wiiife..
So I walk in and yell "I'm home"
She says "Honey I'm in the room"
I walk in ther with a smile on my face sayin
"honey I've been missing u!"
She hopped all over me and says "I cooked and made ur bath water!"
telling right now I didn't smell no food, but I deserve and Oscar!
Throw her on the bed and start snatching her clothes off
Thinking to myself "Busby u a G, can't believe u pulled it off!"
You not gonna believe it but things get crazy as a story goes on
Next thing u know I hear a ring from a cell phone..
You should have seen the look I had on myyy faaaace
She tried to pull me back, but hell it was too laaate
I hop up and say "there's a mystery going on and I'm gonna solve it!"
and I think "God please don't let no man, be in my apartment!"
I walk in the bathroom, and look behind the door
she says "Baby come back to me!"
I say "BITCH say no more"
I pull back the shower curtain
And she is BITEN her nails
So now I know something going on
So now I'm pissed like hell
Checked under the bed, and under the dresser
looked at the closet, got the gun from my dresser
I'm getting close to the closet, who is in my closet?

yes i got no life

~~~Mr. Busby~~~

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