Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random deep thoughts...

well i tend to write poetry when my mind is he is some from my collection that i wrote a LOONG ass time ago..i need to start writing again actually..but yea..enjoy

A few poems i wrote...enjoy
Current mood: blah

Tears is pain leaving the body
Writing poems is a spirtiual healing
It helps me with my emotions
Its the potion that puts my life in motion
The tears is my fears of failing
Its like an ocean, I'm sailing over a sea of pain
It feels like I have nothing to gain
I don't know how i stay the same
Am i just a pawn in God's game
is He teaching me how life is not always going to be fun
that any day ur life can be done?
Or is He teaching me a lesson about how to live
ur life without guessing what the future may bring
I think that is why I do this thing
Writing helps the tears leave the body
helps the the pain leave the body
helps me be a better person
so no longer my body be hurtin...

You thought that was this shit!

To my dear Lady...

To my dear lady,
I wish u can see how much i care for u
As I'm writing this poem, i feel like this is the only way
of showing how much i love you
How I envy u
how it pains me that i can't have you
"Only friends" you told me
I guess I can understand
But every night when I go 2 sleep I think "DAMN! Why do i still have these feelings?"
Everytime I see you, it is killing me inside
And then I cry and i keep asking myself "Why do i let this give me so much pain?"
how many tears do i have to shed so i won't have to bear this again?
Everyday I daydream how it might be between us
How there would be so much trust between us
How we can hold hands and walk in the park
Make love in the dark
Listin and understand each other when we talk
Watch TV and cuddle
how we can be a couple like no other
but in the end we nuttin but friends like sister and brother
And I don't know why I even bother
Its like the 100th time I had my heart torn
This shit sucks
Oh well what the fuck can u do?
I don't know why I keep talkin or thinking of you
everytime i look at you
But remember that I will ALWAYS be by ur side
When u happy or mad
laughing or crying
I will ALWAYS be ur friend
Even everytime I look at u
my heart just cridge...

~~~Mr. Busby~~~

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