Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yall miss me?

I know its been awhile....buuuut I'M BAAACK!! My computer committed suicide a few weeks ago so i have been computer-less :( I've been pretty much twittering frm my phone and just YESTERDAY that bitch had to off itself. Oh well I was getting tired of having that phone and desktop. I had that computer for a fucking decade, crazy i KNOW! But now thanks to my neighbor I got a laptop yeeeeeeeahhh!! Its nice and should last me a GOOOOD while :) ANND since my phone is gone i FINALLY convinced my momma to get the little money i had saved up and get that iphone!!!

Oh GOD i just....jizzed in my pants!!

haaaaaa! yea i am lil happy..

anyway that Life without Shady blog entry is coming soon...but until then i got the task of putting ALL my music on this bitch...lata

~~~Mr. Busby~~~


  1. You were missed! Glad to have u back blogging and with the iphone no less.. *jealous*!!!

  2. well NOT let haha...but i will be SOON! :)