Sunday, May 2, 2010

Guess whose playing FREDDY?!? (Review & Spoilers)

Saw Nightmare on Elm Street last night, it wasn't bad it, it wasn't good, it was just ehh. Hollywood is always doing remakes because they are running out of ideas so this movie is not the exception. I haven't really seen the original films so I don't know the original characters to a degree.

However I will say that THIS Freddy..

will ALWAYS be Freddy Krueger to me.

The story is that several teenagers are tormented by Freddy Krueger in their dreams, when they sleep. When he kills them in their dreams, he kills them in reality. Pretty much the same premise as the original story.

The man who plays the new Freddy in this version is Jackie Earle Haley, yall might also know him as Rorschach from Watchmen. He did an alright job, but he really didn't do the original justice. Dude didn't even change his voice, every time he talked, he STILL sounded like Rorschach. Even with his face, he doesn't really convince me that he is Freddy Krueger, he kinda looks like Freddy's old ass grand father.

The killing scenes were pretty decent through I can admit that. One of my favorite killing scenes in that movie was when Freddy killed the dude in his jail cell, and the dude's cell mate watched him die and then started screaming "I DIDN'T KILL HIM! I DIDN'T KILL HIM!" then when dude is already dead he is then seen hanging in Freddy's lair barely living, and then Freddy says to him, "You know that your brain is still functioning for 7 minutes after you lose conciseness?..well we got 6 more minutes for play time.." and then the dude screams. I can't lie that part I kinda admit sent chills down my back a little bit.

However, everything else started to become to predictable. This film also lacked character development. It just seemed like every time we got to get to know a character, Freddy would just pop up and kill them. Then it just became a pattern, you fall asleep, Freddy will pop up, fuck with you a little bit, then either A. You wake up or B. He kills you, got kinda boring after a while.

We also got to see Freddy's back story and how he became the way he is. Which was pretty interesting I guess. But all in all if you want to be scared and want to cuddle with your significant other, then I guess this movie is for you. If not, then just wait for the 'unrated' edition when it comes out at your nearest redbox.

~~Mr. Busby~~

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