Friday, June 18, 2010

Busby's Favorite MJ tracks: I Can't Help It (Off The Wall)

Off The Wall is my favorite MJ album, in my opinion I put it slightly above Thriller music wise. This album was the first of many albums produced by Quincy Jones, and the album was FULL of GREAT music. The album smoothed track by track with hit after hit and you almost hate it when it ends. I Cant Help It is the track that got attention the most. The song was penned by Stevie Wonder and MJ sang it with such ease it always made me want to rewind it. Now I could have picked Don't Stop Till You Get Enough or Rock With You, or the other hits, but this track is one of my all time favorite tracks. It is also in my playlist if y'all feel like going through it. Fabolous sampled the song on his track Baby, which is a good track to by the way. But all in all, this track is one of the shiny gems that is buried in MJ's gold mine of great music.

~~Mr. Busby~~

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