Saturday, June 19, 2010

Busby's Favorite MJ Album Tracks: Human Nature (Thriller)

Now y'all know this album, when you hear the name Michael Jackson, you will here the title Thriller. This is the album that MADE MJ, this is the album that gave Michael Jackson the crown as King Of Pop. The album has sold over 100+ million units WORLDWIDE and is the highest selling album EVER. The album only had 9 tracks and 7 of them were on the billboard charts..AT THE SAME TIME. He won 7 Grammys and holds the record (along with Santana) for the most Grammys won in one night by an artist. Every other artist have tried to repeat what MJ did with this album, musically and sells wise, and have failed. Artist try to recreate the Thriller and they won't even make it chill.

Now this album only had 9 tracks, and they were all good in heir own way (especially the main hits like Beat It & Billie Jean). However, the main track that really got my heart is Human Nature. It's one of the only tracks that can calm me down and put me in a chilled out state. Quincy Jones worked his magic, and musically it flows with ease. MJ's voice sings like an angel especially on the bridge where he is harmozing. I love it when Mike performed Human Nature love, I loved the way he incorpated his siginature dance moves into the performace. Especially when he sings a bar, strikes a pose, and the music stops, and he just stands there for a min while bitches panties get wet, and just when he felt it was right. He would kick his leg or spin and continue with the song with ease. MJ popped locked like a motherfucker in the performance too and shows why he was the king of this dancing shit. Human Nature will always be one of my all time favorite Michael Jackson tracks..

~~Mr. Busby~~

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