Friday, June 25, 2010

Gone Too Soon (MJ 1 year Later)

I remember the day like it was yesterday, I can still see it so vividly, it was a Thursday. I was with my babysitting my little nephew for the day, and I decided to take him the movies. He wanted to see that God awful movie Transformers 2, so I was like whatever. While we the movie was on, I was on twitter, tweeting my life away. I then saw a tweet that House Shoes retweeted from Breaking News that said "Michael Jackson rushed to the hospital, updates coming soon". So i kinda just shrugged it off and was like whatever he is probably exhausted from rehearsing for the This Is It concerts, so I was thinking "eh he will be ok, probably have to postpone a few shows". Then I saw ?uestlove retweet from Breaking News saying "Michael Jackson rushed to hospital after suffering cardiac arrest" then I was like "oh no, that don't sound good". After that I kept refreshing the twitter page, and then I kept seeing updates that said he wasn't looking good. After that, my mind was COMPLETELY off that bitch ass movie. My phone was dying, so I was hoping that I got an update that he was going to pull through. I was wrong, after that I saw a tweet from Mistah Fab saying "WTF?!? MICHAEL JACKSON DIED?!!?" then I refreshed the page again, and then I saw the update that I will NEVER forget, "TMZ Confirms, Michael Jackson dead at age 50" then my heart sank. I left the theater, and called my mom, and then called my homie's parents. I was in disbelief, I then looked at a random stranger and just said "yo, Michael Jackson died.." he looked at me and said "shut the fuck up!". I went back into the theater, and I got a text from my home girl saying "Michael Jackson died :(", and then i heard people's cell phones vibrating. My day was officially fucked up after that.

I have been a Michael Jackson fan since I was little. I was first introduced to him, in my day care center. The nanny had the Moonwalker video on VHS, and she used to play that movie on a daily basis. I enjoyed EVERYTIME she played that tape, it caught my attention from the first frame all the way to the ending show where you see MJ wink. I watched in amazement on how he danced like I never seen ANYONE dance before. I watched him sing like nobody I have ever HEARD before, man it was crazy! What I also remember about that film was when it did the little montage of his career from J5 to Bad, it played only like 10 seconds snippet of the song, I thought that was genius because it gave me a good idea on what the songs were going to sound like. After that, I couldn't get enough of MJ, I was always glued to MTV watching damn near all his videos. Well almost all his videos, I remember when I was kid, the Thriller scared the SHIT out of me. I watched the video once when I was little and that was it, scared me for my childhood. However, when I got older I realized how sick that video really was.

I remember every time I would go to the mall with my mom, if I see a hat that reminded me of MJ's fedora, I was gonna put it on and do my MJ. My mom would always yell at me because I would always throw the hats the same way he did in his Billie Jean performances. MJ was a MAJOR part of my childhood, he introduced me to my love for music. He introduced me to how music should be made, he introduced me to how a MUSIC video should be made. Man I remember at one point, I thought MTV meant Michael Television because all they played was his videos. I remember how mad I was at MJ for canceling his concert on HBO. I know the nigga was sick and all but i remember crying because I was REALLY looking forward to that shit, and it still makes me mad to this day.

I could go on and on about this but I would probably crash this blog site. Michael Jackson is somebody that comes once in a lifetime, and I feel blessed that I was able to witness his greatness at its peak. After he died, MTV actually played videos again, people were blasting his music again. I remember the day after he died, my homie came through and I through on all of MJ's catalog and he was amazed on how good it sounded, duh nigga. I remember before his death, everybody would laugh at me for playing MJ all the time, now niggas want me burning CD's for them and shit.

There will NEVER be another Michael Jackson, let me say that again in BOLD letters. THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER MICHAEL JACKSON. You can have your Justin Biebers, your Chris Browns, your Ushers, but they ALL copied their swag from that man. There will NEVER be another King Of Pop, when he died, he took that title with him. MJ laid the blueprint before Hov even thought of the plan to become a legend.

By the age of 50, MJ became an icon, and his legacy will live on can I get a hee hee?

~~Mr. Busby~~

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  1. Great blog busby! i will miss michael too, my favorite michael song is man in the mirror and remember the time...