Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank Me Later (Busby's Review)

One of this year's most anticipated albums is finally here...well leaked is the correct phase for it. Jimmy Brook's debut album Thank Me Later has finally made its way to our ears. After the success of his first albu...I mean..MIXTAPE, Mr. Graham had ALOT of pressure to drop an album that was good, if not, BETTER then the mixtape that put him on the map. After being on NUMEROUS guest features from artist such as Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z, Trey Songz, and countless others, everybody is wondering how can he have so many co-signs from these major artist and he hasn't even dropped his first album let? Jimmy became the Lebron James of hip-hop over night, and many critics were wondering then when he finally steps out in the court, will he be the next Jordan? Or will he just be another Allen Iverson? Well right now I am gonna give u a track by track break down and will we see if young Jimmy delivers...

1. Fireworks (feat. Alica Keys)
"Money can change everything.." is the ironic opening line to the album. Drake is pretty much gives you a rundown of everything that has happened to him so far in his career and how happy he is living his dream. The beat is pretty laid back and gives you that dream like feel to it similar to Lust For Life the opening track on So Far Gone. Alica Keys lays her vocals on the track almost like an angel with her harmonizing. Jimmy lays his singing vocals on here too. Which is going to be a pattern that he does when he is balancing his R&B vocals and his rapping skills, similar to how Lauryn Hill did on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. All in all this is a pretty good track and a great way to open the album.
Busby's Rating 4/5

2. Karaoke
I find this beat kinda weird, I don't know it kinda sounds like the producer was still in the beginning process of creating the beat. Especially with that little banging sound you be hearing after every few bars. Anyway, Drizzy his showing off his singing skills again and is singing about a chick (most likely his girlfriend) that thinks that his fast and hectic life is too much for a relationship. Jimmy sings, "If you gotta go/Is there anything I should know?/if the spotlight makes u nervous.." Drake seems to be getting his story rap on when he explains that the chick he was with was a wedding planner and his moving to the ATL, and how he cant believe that they are breaking up. Overall the track is decent, lyrics are alright and the beat is pretty laid back..not really my taste, but the chicks are gonna like it.
Busby's Rating: 3/5

3. The Resistance

This track kinda reminds of The Calm, its almost like a sequel to it in my opinion. Jimmy talks about the price of fame and how his friends are looking at him different and how is trying to balance his personal life with his career. Kinda feeling this track cuz Jimmy is talking about some real shit. The track is also a good lead in to track 4 too. "I just need some closer, ain't no turning back for me I'm in it to it's over..", ha pretty clever Jimmy
Busby's Rating 4/5

4. Over
Pretty much this is the part of the album well Jimmy proclaims his fame, and is gonna live his life to the fullest. Well we all heard this track, we all know the beat, we all know the hook, and we all know that Eminem took his verse off the beat and stumped on it. Next..
Busby's Rating 3/5

5. Show Me A Good Time
This is the first of 2 beats that Mr. West laced for Drizzy. Drizzy lays his singing vocals and his rapping skills to this beat. The song kinda reminds me of a laid back Good Life. Kinda surprised that Kanye didn't spit a 16 over this beat, it was a perfect fit for him. He was probably saving all that power for his good ass job. I think this is gonna be a good song for the summer, and i will not be surprised if this his next single.
Busby's Review 4/5

6. Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj)
This track sounds like a track that could have been on the Young Money album. Jimmy spitting his swag on the track, pretty much saying "I'm rich, your not". Nicki Minaj brings her barbie presence to the track when she proclaims "Which bitch you know made a million off the mixtape?" Boi-1da does his thing on the track and I will not be surprised if this is a single too. Honestly I have a feeling this track WILL be his next single...ehh whatever
Busby's Review 3/5

7. Fancy (feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz)
The soon to be newlywed/father Swizz Beatz laces Drake up with a beat. This could be a anthem for the ladies before they go the club "Oh you fancy huh?..nails done, hair done, everything did" I can see chicks falling in love with this track. T.I.P. lays his 16 on here too and shows that he still got that swag in him even through he been locked up for a year. The track flips in the end and slows down where Drizzy gets his sexy on and spits game to the chicks. So yea all in all pretty good track, single worthy.
Busby's Review 4/5

8. Shut It Down (feat. The Dream)
Another track for the chicks, it's alright I guess. Kinda reminds me of A Night Off which I think is a better track then this one. The self-proclaimed Radio Killer gives his vocals, and I have a feeling that this track will do it's job and get the girls wet and taking them panties off, the song does it's job..
Busby's Review 3/5

9. Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy)
Jimmy and the self-proclaimed Snowman clam this is the "realist shit they ever wrote.." Spitting to the chicks again making sure that they will never forget about them. Decent track I guess, from what I understand I heard the track is an Aaliyah sample, i don't know how they got the estate to clear the sample but Boi-1da and 40 did their thing for the production. Average track..
Busby's Review 3/5

10. Light Up (feat. Jay-Z)
Well here is the song everybody was waiting for since Off That. 40 made a pretty good damn beat for them and Jimmy went IN on this track, not gonna lie. "While all my close friends are out partying/ I'm just here making all the music that they party too/Well party on, party on, all night nigga/i got these new rappers nervous prom night nigga!.." Jimmy making shots out there to certain rappers, but i dont think Jimmy is built to battle certain rappers but I'll save that for another time. Hov's verse is alright at best IMO, the opening line is pretty catchy "OWW, Hov's turning their heads like OWLS, I'm the man of the..hour.." Mr. Carter stay making yall think with the triple entrandres. Other then that, Hov came kinda weak on it, idk I think i gotta let it grow on me. I've heard better from him so i don't know. At least Jimmy didn't let Hov renegade him on his shit.
Busby's Review 4/5

11. Miss Me (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Jimmy got another Carter to help him with this album, Dwayne Carter to be exact. Another track where Jimmy showing off his swagger, and also shows his infatuation with Nicki Minaj. "I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I'll admit it/I hope one day we can get married just to say we fucking did it/And girl I'm fucking serious I'm wit it if you wit it/Cuz ur verses turn me on and ur pants are mighty fitted.." Well at least he is bring honest. Weezy did his thing with his verse, and showing how everybody is gonna miss him when he goes behind bars. Overall good track, but I think they both in went in harder on the Ignornant Shit freestyle on So Far Gone..decent track
Busby's Review: 4/5

12. Cece's Interlude
Jimmy singing again, mostlikely to his girlfriend. Chick track, it's kinda ehh...skippable..
Busby's Review: 2/5

13. Find Your Love
The Kanye produced track that sounds like a 808's left over. We heard it, we love it, its still stuck in my head as we moving along
Busby's Review 5/5

14. Thank Me Now
Timbo laced track for Jimmy, pretty good way to end the album. It's almost a sequel to Fear, pretty much he is proclaiming that we should thank him now because he is gonna keep dropping hits as long as we all still accept him. Good laid back track to blast at the cook outs during the summer. Overall decent track
Busby's Review 4/5

So whats my overall opinion on this album? Its decent, I had to give it a few listens for it to digest. Honestly when i first heard it all the way through I didn't really care for it and listened to So Far Gone instead. But now listening to it a 2nd time with an open mind, its a pretty good album, and it WILL sell I can tell u that. It's not good, it's not bad, its overall decent. Pretty good for a sophomore album, yes I said sophomore album. So Far Gone was NOT a mixtape by ANY means, that shit was a ALBUM. It flowed like one, it sounded like one, it WAS an ALBUM! I was kinda surprised that Trey Songz didn't make an appearance on this album being that Trey has been on almost all of Drake's mixtapes since Room For Improvement, it would have been right for him to be on his first official album. However it wasn't really needed.

Jimmy Brooks a.k.a Drake came a LONG way...from this...

to this..

Like Marty Mcfly said. "You kids are gonna love it.."

~~Mr. Busby~~

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