Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throwback video-The Backstreet Boys-The Call

I know y'all remember this shit...It's crazy that over decade ago boy bands were ruling the the music charts. Looking back on it now I couldn't believe that I was singing to sum of these gay ass songs. Now don't lie, I know some of y'all were singing I Want It That Way, and Bye Bye Bye!! Doing the dance steps and shit in your mirror! Haha anyway I remember back in the day BSB use to have the better videos entertaining wise (Talently I thought Nsync was better) anyway I remember this video quite well. Franchis Lawrence directed this shit, and he went very cinematic with it. I thought the concept was pretty dope, and I like how the entire BSB was one character, and was changing throughout the whole video. The part with Nick Carter & Howie was my favorite part and it was genius, .It kept your attention from beginning to the very end, it was well directed, it was well acted, and it was WELL edited. It's crazy that this video was made almost a decade ago and it still holds up good today..

Franchis Lawenece went on to direct movies like I Am Legend and Charlie's Angels not so long after this video. So he is doing quite well, but every once in a while he will direct a few videos, he is one of my top favorite video directed along with Hype Williams, Dave Meyers, & Joesph Kahn.

Oh yeah, BSB are still together too. These dudes ar e grown men with kids and shit..and let they still need a check..ha

~~Mr. Busby~~

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