Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Xena: Now THAT'S a 5 star chick! (Busby Rant)

I've been watching the ENTIRE series on Netflix for the past few weeks now and damn this is bringing back SOOO much memories. Xena: Warrior Princess was one of my FAVORITE television shows growing up in the mid to late 90's. This show was SO ahead of its time that it's not even funny. I am surprised on how the series still lives up to today's standards and it doesn't age at all. This show was the spin off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Xena was originally a villein that wanted to kill Hercules and become the true "Destroyer of Nations". However, Herc showed her that being good was better then being bad, and converted her over to the light side. After that, I guess the producers loved the character (most notable the actress Lucy Lawless) and decided to give the character her own show. After that, the rest is history..

Now let me start off by saying that Lucy Lawless deserved a fucking Emmy for her role in Xena! She played that role to the fucking core and is CRIMINALLY underrated as an actress. I'm surprised she never got any other leading roles in feature films or other tv shows. She was so good at her role that I didn't even know she was from New Zealand until I saw her on the Tonight Show talking in her native accent. She brought so much depth to that character that you literally BELIEVED that she WAS Xena. Them icy blue eyes is what got me, Xena had them eyes that can tear through your soul and rip it apart. And she has that smile that can light up the world, Lucy Lawless was born to play cased.

Her sidekick Gabrielle (played by Reene O'Connor) was a good character too. That was Xena's ride or die chick and was there for her no matter what. It was vice versa for Xena too. Looking back at it, I don't know why I never had a hard on for Gabrielle. The chick was always wearing a green tank top and a lil red skirt and she ALWAYS had a stomach showing. She had IMO one of the most sexist stomachs on cable television.

Now when I say the show was ahead of it's really was when it comes to terms with mixing action with drama. The fight scenes were unique in their own way, you literally had a woman doing back flips and slashing niggas up and not giving a fuck WHO is in her way. Always throwing her little spinning boomerang thingy called a charkram, that shit was too gangsta. The acting and writing was top notch and it proved that every week when her and Hercules were number 1 in the ratings every week.

I thought Hercules was too boring of a show, and I thought that Kevin Sorbo was a horrible actor (still do to this day). The character Hercules was too boring for me anyway, he just had super strength and he ALWAYS had an advantage on the villeins because of that. He was pretty much like Superman, and that shit was fucking boring.

Xena was the female Batman in my eyes, I connected more with her because she seemed more real. I liked how Xena ALWAYS had the advantage on the bad guys because she was once one of them. She knows what they are gonna do WAAAAY before they even thought it. She was ALWAYS 10 steps ahead of the bad guys before they can even get a step in and i LOVED it.

Her fighting skills were not to be fucked with either, when you hear that war cry from her, you know its gonna be your ass! That is what really turned me on to the show, because she was a WOMAN whooping niggas asses on a daily bases. It got to a point where I forgot that she was woman, and I just saw her as just a nigga you shouldn't fuck with. She even had this move were she gets both her index fingers and pinches your neck that cuts off the flow of blood to your brain. You have 30 seconds to live unless Xena re-pinches ya...gangsta...

Now, what REALLY certified her gangsta, and made me a fan for life was when Gabrielle got injured from a poison arrow and a spained foot. So Xena was forced to take on an ENTIRE Persian army by HERSELF. For 15 min, I watched this bitch single handy take out the WHOLE army on some Neo shit. This bitch want dumb on these motherfuckers! She even did a break dancing move on them niggaz it was fucking insane! I literally sat there in awe like "I KNOW these niggaz are NOT getting their ass whooped from one person..a WOMAN no less!"

After she took out the last few dudes, she pointed her sword at them niggas and said "Go home, there are THOUSANDS more like me!.." after that I was like 'Fuck Hercules.."

Xena: Warrior Princess will always have a place in my heart, the show helped pave the way for other heroines. Like the Bride from Kill Bill, Buffy, the WWE divas (which is a stretch), and countless others. It's crazy that it's been over a decade since the show ended and if you watch just ONCE episode, it can STILL have you hooked.

Now THAT'S a 5 star chick!...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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