Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busby's thoughts...random as always

1. Is this year of hip-hop duos or what?..Em & Royce, Hov & Ye, Weezy & Drizzy? I kinda wish that Nasir & Damian's album would have dropped this year instead of last probably would have gotten a lot more recolonization..

2. I've been gaining alot more followers then usual on my twitter..the less I tweet the more followers I get. isn't that ironic..the less I talk..the more people wanna listen..ha

3. This season of the Real World the ENTIRE cast is on official burnt status..we got one dude who did gay porn. Another bitch who likes being in abusive relationships, a white boy who can't control his alcohol, and the only 2 black folks on the show decide to become fuck buddies and have unpotected sex and ended getting an STD...smmfh..this is good television.

4. Just recently got into Netflix, and man..THAT SHIT IS THE TRUTH. This shit got the ENTIRE season of Xena: Warrior Princess..winning

5. 5 months into the year of 2011..and STILL no Detox..

6. Nicki Minaj's lap dances are overrated..

7. If i hear ONE more person talk to me about the Illuminati I'm gonna slap the SHIT out of them. Tired of hearing these niggas..smh

8. Is it safe to say that last weekend..Obama had the best weekend EVER?

9. How long will it take till Odd Future's "loyal" fans call them sell outs?

10. I am getting kinda tired of The Rock already..sad to say..

11. Was watching the entire Beef series on Netflix yesterday and it left me shaking my head. A bunch of rappers getting mad about dumb shit said on's entertaining..till someone gets their chain took...

12. I can make a good boyfriend...and I am not just saying that...

13. I think that Beyonce's new single went more H.A.M then her husbands..just saying

14. 5 more months and T.I. gets out of prison..

15. I got a guilty pleasure..I like watching The Bad Girls Club..random average looking gold digging females talking shit and fighting with each other over dumb shit..GOOD television..

16. The NFL better get their shit together...

17. Is there any reason to watch TNA anymore?

18. Is there ANY reason to watch WWE anymore?..smh..

19. I watched Triple H's movie The Chaperone and it wasn't THAT bad..good family movie..

20. Obama is STILL THAT nigga..

~~Mr. Busby~~

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