Thursday, July 7, 2011

Track by track breakdown of Hov & Ye's Watch The Throne listening party..

This evening in NY, Hov had a private listening session for Watch The Throne the highly anticapting collab album with his little brother Kanye West. Now even through Hov said that info about the music was stricly porhibited. Somebody just said "fuck it" and gave sum info anyway..take the info for what it's worth...

----------------- First Track ---------------------

- Heavy beat with lots of bass
- Frank Ocean on the hook
- "What's a mob to a god... what's a god to a kind... what's a king to a nonbeliever... who don't believe anything"
- Jay has the first verse, Kanye has a second verse
- Frank Ocean has an interlude inbetween Jay's and Kanye's verse..

------Second Track (Lift Off) (Rumored first single) -----------------

- Has a nice introduction with horns in the background
- Beyonce on the chorus (obviously)
- "Were gone take it to the moon, we gone take it to the stars..." - Beyonce
- Ye's doing his semi singing rap thing (think Runaway)
- "Showing my tattoo's suck a show off" - Ye
- Ye has first verse, Jay has second
- Kanye is on Autotune at one point...
- Samples a countdown of a NASA space launch at the ending on the song...
- It's a real banger, has good radio potential...

----------------- Third Track ---------------

- Really heavy hitting type beat
- Sounded like it was produced by Swizz Beats or Lex (someone like that)
- Jay has the first verse
- Ye mentions Mate Kate Olson in his verse
- Sample from Blades of Glory movie (supposedly Kanye's a fan) "No one knows what it means, but it's provocative..."
- "You are now watching the Throne, don't let me enter the throne..."

------------------- Fourth Tack --------------------

- Opens up with another Blade of Glory sample "We're gonna dance to one song, and one song only"
- Ottis Redding sample
- Classic soul style Kanye beat...
- Jay and Ye take turns (think Common's Southside)
- "Made Jesus walks I'm never going to hell" - Ye
- "Jay is chillin, Ye is chill, what more can I say" - Jay

------------------------- Fifth Track ------------------------------

- Electronic Jazz sounding beat
- Female autotuned vocals at the beginning, Ye is ad libbing over them...
- "Fifthteen down the line"
- Song is all about Jay and Ye rapping about their children they'll have in the future...
- There's a sax interlude

------------------------ Sixth Track (Living So Italian)------------------------

- This was the "Por ti Volare"... rapped over a loop of the vocals and everything
- Heavy hitting drum beats over the sample after about a few seconds into the track


- Chorus: "Living So Italian, whole family's here cause it's feeling like a movie"
- "Wrote this song on the crapper" - Ye... thanks for that line Ye...

--------------------- Seventh Track -------------------

- Indian Influenced sample
- EPIC FIRST LINE " LOLOLOLOL White America, Assassinate my character" - Ye
- "Whats up whats up where my money at? Do I need to come where your Daddy at?" - Jay

--------------------- Eighth Track ----------------------

- Had a dance/rave style vibe to the beat
- Sample with the words "I can't Stop"... on constant repeat at the beginning...
- Has a real dubstep influenced sound
- "Who's gona stop me huh? You gone stop me now" - Ye
- Has a line where he talks about his dikk in pig latin (haha)
- "Black cards, black cards, black on black on black bras" - Jay

------------------ Ninth Track --------------------

- Another middle eastern/Indian style beat
- Ye is singing the chorus "... Black on black murder..."
- "In the murder capital where they murder for capital" - Jay
- At one point Ye compares the death of soldiers in Iraq to those who have died in Chicago
- There's a shift in the sound in the second half... interlude
- "Celebration of black excellence" - Ye
- "Success never smelled so sweet" - Jay

--------------------- Tenth Track ---------------------

- A slower style song (compared to the others on the album)
- Frank Ocean is on the hook again
- Bible and Jesus references in the chorus "Sweet Baby Jesus living in America" - Frank
- "Nikkas hustle everyday for a beat by Ye... what I do? Give em all away to Jay" - Ye WIN WIN WIN

--------------- Eleventh Track -------------------

- This was the sample

- "Oh I love you so, but why I love you you'll never know" - sampled chorus
- Jays Verse first
- "I tried to teach niggas how to be kings, when all they wanted was to be soldiers" - Jay
- Ye's verse second


Some other notes:

Played random parts of throw away tracks not making the album

- Time of our life baby" - Jay
- "I need a slow motion video right now" - Ye

Then there was the question and answering session:

- "I just wanted to make an album for the sake of making a good album"
- The current version of WTT is the third incarnation of the album
- The album's current tracklist has been stripped down from alot of different tracks...
- Still not sure on a final tracklist
- He's going back and forth on including HAM as a bonus track... he admits that HAM is operatic, but almost too much to the point where the song is screaming in your face... can get irritation after awhile... doesn't really fit the vibe of WTT in it's current state...
- Admits that HAM is AWESOME in concert tough
- They documented parts of the recording process, but their not sure if it will be released or not

- I asked a question about working with Frank Ocean and if that connection started before or after Odd Future's rise to fame. He started working with him when he heard Nostalgia Ultra. Initially it was only for his solo album, but he like Frank so much he got him on WTT... he is featured on one of two tracks recorded so far for Jay's upcoming solo album... hopefully out this winter... maybe spring

- "Hopefully my new solo album is out before J. Cole and Jay Electronica" - Jay ...

- JAY HAS NO URGE TO DO ANY MORE COLLABORATIVE ALBUMS (no more BS albums with someone like Linkin Park or R. Kelly)

- Kanye initially urged Jay not to release "Run this Town" as a single first, and push "New York" because he though it would be a better single... Jay used this as an example to say even if Kanye's a bitch he's really humble at the same time... he killed his verse on "Run this Town" and he still didn't want it released as a single...

Hopefully I don't get in trouble for posting info but whatever...the people wanna know so here u they better make a release date soon before these hackers start leaking shit..just ask Em...

so until next time...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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