Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hov & Ye-Otis (Busby's Review)

Just 2 weeks till the album drops, Hov and Ye drop the first track from Watch The Throne. Produced by Mr. West, the heavily sampled Otis Redding sample of Try A Little Tenderness, really drives this record. IMO Kanye really is a musically genius when it comes to sampling production. Bet Just Blaze is kicking himself that he didn't come up with that sample.

However, the lyrics on the other hand are just average at best. Hov & Ye's mic chemistry are on point as always but I feel they could have been a tad bit better. Some of the punchlines were nice through.

Politically refugee asylum can be purchased
Uh, everythings for sale, I got 5 passports
I’m never going to jail

"I made Jesus walks so never going to hell"
-Kanye West

In my honest opinion, this track sounds like a filler, its waaay better then H.A.M. I can say that much. However, I do feel that they should have released Lift Off but whatever, we are a few weeks away till the whole album drops..only time will tell...

Busby's Opinion: 5/5 (for the beat) 3/5 (just off the lyrics)
Overall: 3.5/5

~~Mr. Busby~~

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