Friday, August 26, 2011

Tha Carter IV (Busby's Review)

Now if y'all seen my tumblr you should know why I put this as the main picture of my review. Carter IV is Weezy's first album since being fresh out of prison after serving an 8 month bid. Now you would think after ALL that time he spent in his jail cell he could have spent some time writing some lyrics down. I mean seriously, Young Money even snucked some Ipods in his cell so he can keep his creative mojo going (which he would later get in trouble for). So you WOULD think he would have had some time to come up with some dope shit. Even when he was released from prison, you would think he would take his time and construct an album that would make the fans happy. I mean this album was suppose to be the continuation of Tha Carter series, this shit was suppose to make up for all the time he missed. This album was suppose to be good if not BETTER then its predecessor. After I heard the 1st single for 6'7" I thought he was going the right direction with it, he was sounding like the Weezy we all know and love. However, like Hov would say, it had a spark when it started, but then it just became garbage.

This album sounded like how the Sorry For The Wait mixtape should have been. This album sounded like a mixtape, it sounded like Wayne recorded a shit load of music and then he just picked certain tracks and through it on there and called it an "album". Too me it sounded like Weezy just half assed this album because he felt that he has the fan base just to put out bullshit, and the fans will just buy ANYTHING with his name on it and he will get those kinda of numbers with whatever album he drops. Well I guess after selling a million copies of C3, he thinks he can do it. However, Weezy needs to realize he is NOT in the same league of a Jay-Z and he is sure as hell not in the same league as Eminem. So if you drop the ball and give hip-hop some bullshit, the hip-hop Gods will came back and bite you in the ass. Or make you slip on a skateboard..ha

The good parts of this album are songs like Blunt Blowin which was a good track to open up and welcome y'all back to Wayne's World. However, the next track Megaman left me with a confused look on my face because the whole song was just filled with garbage ass punch lines. The main one that stuck out to me was "How you niggas want it?..have your way..Burger King" nigga WHAT?..sounds like some shit Lil B would spit if he actually tried to rap.

Besides the singles the only good tracks I like on this album is Nightmare At The Bottom. The beat is very smooth and kick back, and Weezy's flow is lightweight decent. Also the track President Carter was cool too, the Jimmy Carter inauguration sample was really well flipped. The bonus track Mirrors featuring Bruno Mars is a pretty decent track too, to be real he should have used THAT track to end the album. Now the track How To Love sounds like a leftover track from the Rebirth sessions. He made that song JUST for the ladies and made it so it can cross over. That is nice and all Weezy but this is THE CARTER FUCKING IV, this is suppose to be your Blueprint, your Illmatic, etc. And for him to put a song like THIS on this album is damn right disrespectful to the true Lil' Wayne fans.

The ONLY thing keeping this album a float are the features. Now listen to what I tell you that EVERY featured artist on this album killed Lil Wayne on his own shit. Even T-Pain and John Legend on their hooks for How To Hate & So Special (tracks that are made for the females, and are potential singles) ate Weezy on his own shit. Besides the singles, the main highlight of this album are the tracks that Lil Wayne is not even featured on. The Interlude and Outro tracks feature Tech N9ne, Andre 3000, Bun B, Nas, Shyne (who had the worst flow on the whole song), and Busta Rhymes. Those tracks I guess are a continuation from the 2 min intro that Weezy started, and I guess they decided to split the song up into 2 parts so they can keep the people listening. I guess, but if you have to rely on a shit load of heavy weight rappers to save your album, then that just shows me that you have no confidence in your talent. I'm sorry but I am just keeping it real...

Now I can't finish this review without addressing the track that got the internet going nuts. The track It's Good, which features Drizzy & Jadakiss, has a verse from Weezy well he throws rocks at The Throne.

Talkin ’bout baby money? I got your baby money
Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money
I know you fake nigga, press your brakes nigga
I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga
Im a grown ass blood, stop playin with me...

I have a feeling this the response that Hov had when he heard that..

Honestly I feel Birdman was behind that line, I think he made Weezy say it. All that Hov was saying were FACTS. Birdman's ego got hurt when he heard that "baby money" line on H.A.M. He KNEW lyrically, he don't got it in him to stand toe to toe with a giant. So he sent his "son" to speak for him, like the little bitch that he is. And for Lil' Wayne to actually say the line after actually working with Hov on numerous occasions, pretty much shows us that Weezy is just a little boy and that Birdman really is his daddy.

Now overall, Carter IV is a disappointing album to say the least. Lil' Wayne needs to realize his place in this hip-hop world. He needs to realize that he is NOT the greatest rapper alive, I mean seriously if your the greatest rapper alive, why is Busta Rhymes the last person you hear on the last track on YOUR album? Lil' Wayne is not great, he is not good, hell he is not even THAT bad, he is just average, and hip-hop should stop sucking him off so much. Just because you are featured on a shit load of artists tracks does NOT mean you are good. Just because you did a mixtape of freestyles over other people's beats does NOT mean you the shit. Lil' Wayne needs to realize that he is the greatest average rapper alive, and just know his place.

This album was just lazy, he thought he can just throw some bullshit on a CD and call it an album. No Dwayne, it isn't an album, it's bullshit, now look at the main pic of this blog, now look at the mirror. You fell off...

This is the most disappointing album of 2011...and that's real..

Don't bring that bullshit on Tha Carter V..

Busby's Review: 2.5 out of 5

~~Mr. Busby~~

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