Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The R.E.D. Album (Busby's Review)

Now I don't really have no problems with Game to be honest with y'all, in fact my favorite album from his catalog was Doctor's Advocate. Lyrically he is pretty decent, and he has the talent to make good ass music. However his biggest problem is his BIIIIG mouth (word to Pac), dude just does NOT know when to keep his mouth shut. Some say he is bi-polar, others can say he is just crying for attention. In my view I believe it's a combination of both. If there is one thing he learned from 50, it's that if you want folks to keep your name in their mouths, give them a reason too.

However, his name was coming out of people's mouths for all the wrong reasons. The R.E.D Album is 3 years over due. From push backs, to failed singles, to un-buzz worthy mixtapes..it seemed that Game's album was going to be put on Detox status. However, this year the album finally gets to see the light of day.

If there is one thing about Game that i respect, it's that he can craft a good album. Since the Documentary, Game has real good ear for beats and he knows EXACTLY how to construct a song from the ground up. He can thank the good Doctor Andre Young for that one. The R.E.D Album is also the first time since The Documentary that him and Dr. Dre has collaborated. I guess they decided to let by gones be by gones and just move on make that money. Even if some people don't agree with it..sorry 50.

The Positive
Through out the album Dr. Dre narrates the story of Jayceon Taylor. From his rough up bringing, to his broken home, to the gang life he inherited from his family tree. Pretty good concept, the album sets the tone almost like a prequel to his prior releases, and it shows what made him the man that he is today.

The first half of the album has SOLID tracks, the stand out track for me in my opinion is Ricky. The heavy bassed, cinematic beat produced DJ Khaili is a certified BANGER. Game's lyrics come correct, and really paints a picture for what the album is really about. This is a track that would have made John Singleton proud, real track. In my opinion, this is one of the top tracks of 2011..

Other notable tracks on the album are Drug Test, Game got the dynamic duo of Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg on one track. Honestly that track sounded like a Detox track that would have never saw the light of day unless Game begged Dre to put it on the album. OFWGKTA's Tyler, The Creator makes his presence known along side Lil Wayne on the track Martian Vs. Goblin. IMO Tyler has the best guest verse on the album, he comes correct on it.

Songs like DJ Premier's Born In The Trap, The Neptunes's Mama Knows (Nelly Furtado kills the hook by the way), & Mar's California Dreams are also a few of the high spots on R.E.D. Really good music right here...

The Negative
Now the problems I have with this album is pretty much the middle of the album. I'm mostly talking about all the R&B tracks. Hello (feat. Mario & Wale) , All The Way Gone (feat. Llyod), & Pot Of Gold (feat. Chris Brown) sound like tracks that could have been on the featured R&B artists albums. I mean they are decent for what they are, but I will find myself skipping them down the line.

Other things I noticed on this album is that Game tries to hard to rap like the featured artist on his songs. Most notable was the Young Jeezy featured track Paramedics. It almost sounded like Game wished he was Olsen twin of Jeezy, he also did this Goblin Vs. Martian when he started rapping like Tyler. Game should just learn to rap as himself and name drop to he has a heart attack. That is what he is known for and that is what he should do.

Another forgettable track on here is Heavy Artillery (feat. Rick Ross & Beanie Sigeal), honestly I don't even know WHY this track is on here. Sounds like a mixtape track if you ask me. Game AND Rick Ross come correct on it, but Sigeal had the weakest verse. I gotta keep it real, shit was garbage to me, I heard him spit better then that. Maybe that Hov track is getting to him, I hope he knows Hov still got love for him..

Overall Opinion:

The R.E.D album is a pretty decent album, was it better then Documentary or Doctor's Advocate? I wouldn't say that, i WILL say that it is light years better then L.A.X. I can tell you that. The production knocks and that is what really drives this album, and Game is sitting shot gun and letting you know that he is still here to stay in this rap game. Now all he has to do now is shut the fuck up, and just drop dope music. ThEN..MAYBE, hip-hop can respect him just a little bit more..

Busby's Review: 3.5 out of 5

~~Mr. Busby~~

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