Friday, February 3, 2012

Chronicle: Busby's Review

Haven't done a movie review in a while, and I watched a SHIT load of movies lately. However, none of them really striked my interest (also I was quite busy with work and school and being a tad bit lazy), but now since I do have some time I'm gonna give y'all my 2 cents on this nice little action flick.

Chronicle is let another movie from the found footage genre that tells the story of a young tormented teenage boy named Andrew (Dane DeHaan) who decides to document his life 24/7. From having his mother being deathly sick, his abusive alcoholic father, being an outcast and being bullied at his high school, Andrew was pretty much living that whomp whomp life. One night after being dragged to a rave party by his cousin Matt (Alex Russell), the most popular token black kid of the high school Steve (Michael B. Jordan) convinces Andrew to follow him and Matt into a mysterious hole in the ground behind the rave. After they go inside (with the black dude leading the way of ALL people), they discover a mysterious glowing object. After it flashes in their face they end up having super human powers. From telekinesis, to super strength, to flying, etc they decide to have fun with it. However the more they used their powers, the more stronger they get. Their innocent fun and games on playing pranks on people quickly becomes a dangerous game which then endangers anything or anybody around them.

Writer/director Josh Trank really did a good job filming this movie. The way he incorporated the role of the video camera into a super hero like movie was really well done. The special effects were nice, and the overall story was all around really good. It was a unique experience to say the least, however I am a tad bit surprised they didn't release this in IMAX. One of my favorite scenes is the part where you see all 3 of them flying in the sky. You get a first person view of what it can be like if you were Superman, that shit was pretty amazing too me.

I do have some negative feedback through, they did have some cop out camera shots. There would be some scenes where Andrew would use his telekinetic powers to lift his camera over him to get some aerial shots on himself. You can tell they just used that trick so they can film more technical shots for the special effects. Also during the final battle in the end it was shown through security cameras, iphones, or any electronic device that can record a video. It got to the point where it was like "really, yall just HAPPENED to be recording at the EXACT spot where shit is going down?". However, the way social media is now, it is light weight believable in this day and age. Whatever, I guess those are some of my little pet peeves of it..

All in all this is an enjoyable flick, it captures your attention from the very beginning all the way to the very end. Kinda reminds me of Cloverfield, just replace the big monster with Superman. It kinda sets up a sequel in the end, so you never know, this could be a new franchise for Fox. But for now this movie goes into the huge stake of 'found footage" films that captured footage of witches, ghosts, zombies, huge monsters, and now teenage super humans.

Busby's review: 3 out of 4

~~Mr. Busby~~

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