Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jay-Z This, Jay-Z That: The Dickriding of Shawn Carter....

Now I DO NOT hate Jay-Z, in my opinion he is one of the greatest rappers alive. You notice that I said that he is ONE of the greatest rappers alive, which means that he is part of a small group of individuals that have made a mark on hip-hip for years to come. He is not, let me repeat, he is NOT, THE greatest that ever did it. He is NOT the ultimate rapper that is better then EVERYBODY, and can out rap damn the entire rap industry. He IS good, but he is not THAT good, and quite frankly people need to jump off his nutsack because it is starting to become annoying..

This issue has been bugging me for the past few years, ever since Hov "retired" and then "unretired" the hip-hop media has been shoving down our throat how Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of ALL time and that NOBODY lyrically can fuck with him..NOBODY. They making Hov seem like he is the one true God MC, and that everybody should bow down to him. Sometimes I feel like Hov is paying these folks to say all this shit just to keep him relevant ha.

Hov has made the right fans, and those fans are the bloggers. The bloggers have now became the new DJ, they let you know what's hot and what's not on the streets (or the internet). It almost feels like he is paying them to praise them it gets pretty sicking at times. Here is an example, after Hov dropped his ode to his daughter, everybody in the hip-hop community more notable twitter just had a collective Full House moment. Some of them folks were acting like they never heard a hip-hop song dedicated to their children before. They acting like Em, Nas, & Will Smith never did a song about their kids, but such Jay-Z did it, it's the greatest ever. I mean Toure, who i guess is suppose to be the spokesperson for all black folks, said that Hov's Glory is 'one of the greatest hip-hop loves of all time'. When I called Toure out on his dickriding on twitter the dude promptly blocked me, guess he didn't wanna see the truth. Another example of this is that the hip-hop media is reporting that Jay-Z is the first rapper to perform at Carnegie Hall. I guess they just have amnesia and just completely forgot that Wu-Tang, MC Lyte, Wyclef, and countless OTHER rappers have performed on that stage as well. Again, since it's Jay-Z, all of a sudden those other artist become irreverent. When Hov & Em did the Home & Home tour in NY and Detroit, Vibe magazine did an article on the NY concert and focused mainly on the Jay-Z show and completely ignored Eminem who is pretty much in the same league of Hov. I think that had something to do with that skin color, but that is a different topic...

Now granted, Hov has dropped hits through out the past decade of his career. Granted he HAS dropped a classic album here and there, and GRANTED he has achieved a whole lot of shit that a lot of people have NEVER achieved. I mean shit, he has a resume that you would DREAM that you can have. I will respect him for that, I always will. However I feel like I am the only one that hasn't drank the koolaid and I am not giving in to this blatant brainwashing. It just seems like no matter WHAT Jay-Z does, people just bow to him with no questions asked. In my honest opinion Jay-Z Stans are just most bias fans out there right now. If you try to give them blatant facts about why he shouldn't have the G.O.A.T title they will just argue you down and just say that you don't know hip-hop. Oh, and don't even THINK about bringing up Ether, they will just shrug it off and pretend that THIS didn't happen.

Now again, I DO feel that Hov is ONE of the greatest of all time, he is NOT the ONE. He IS one of my favorite rappers ever, and when I saw him and Kanye during the WTT concert I lost my SHIT. BUT I do know my limits when it comes to being a fan of Jay-Z, I just wish the other fans know THEIR limits, and just get off his jock strap.

~~Mr. Busby~~

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