Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busby's Top 5 Crushes..

Through out our lives, we have all had crushes on the opposite sex.  Rather it's sexual, or on some lovey dovey shit, we have all been there.  Hell I'm no exception, I have had crushes on females through out my 24 years on this earth.  I'm not going to lie to y'all, the way Drake simps to women is the same way I usually simp to women when it comes to somebody I REALLY got the hots for.  Rather it's in real life, or a completely made up person, I have the hots for some sexy ass chicks right now.  I like A LOT of women, but right now I narrowed it down to my top 5 that I have special feelings for.  Now I KNOW, I'm not gonna get with ANY of them, but hey a nigga can dream can't he?!

5. Lindsay Ellis a.k.a The Nostalgia Chick

Now if you don't know who she is, Lindsay Ellis is one of the vloggers over at That Guy With The Glasses.  She usually goes over and reviews movies and music that formed our pop culture for the past few decades.  What turns me on to her is her vase knowledge in trivial pop culture, and just knowing stuff that only a nerd knows.  I'm like that too, and seeing a chick that knows that type of shit is a major plus too.  Seeing her in her dorky glasses and dorky her pig tails just makes her even more cuter.  I mean she isn't like drop dead gorgeous, or anything but her personality brings A LOT out of her. She is the type of chick that I can take the movies, and then just have nerd talks all day about the pros and cons about the film...then I'll just just takes her to bedroom...

4. Jenna Marbles
Now this chick is just funny as FUCK, there is no question in that.  I religiously watch her videos on YouTube on a weekly basis.  She is hot as FUCK and I am surprised she doesn't have her own television show by now.  What I like about her is that she is more then a pretty face, she doesn't take herself serious at all.  She makes the most cutest voices, and makes the most funniest ass faces ever.  She is the type to go out and get drinks with and just get fucking SHIT faced.  Then after that just wake up the next morning with her underwear on your face.  The things I would do to her ...MAAAAN.....

3. Emma Stone
Now I've liked this woman ever since I first seen her in Superbad.  What really was the tripping point that made me just go crazy over was when I saw her in Easy A.  That was the movie that made me fall head over heels for her!  She seems funny as hell, especially when I see her in her interviews and all that.  I would do ANYTHING just to take her to a dinner and movie and have long walks on the beach with her and all that mushy stuff.  Then take her back to my house and fornicate with her...

 2. Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera)
Yes, I know that is the character from Glee, and YES I KNOW she ain't a real person. But MAN, she is a real BITCH, and I LOVE IT.  Every since I watched Glee I just loved her sarcasm and her witty ass one liners.  I also just LOVE her facial expressions on the show, you can clearly tell what she is thinking when she makes them, especially if you said something REAL burnt.  Also, when she makes those very seductive looks maaaan.  Also, she can sing her ass off.  When I be watching the show I tend to rewind it when she just leaves me speechless, especially with THIS song.  Just EVERYTHING about her just makes me wanna jizz in my pants.

 1. AJ Lee

I recently got into AJ a few months ago and man she is just...beautiful ALL over.  Apparently she was a rookie on WWE's NXT.  She came in as Daniel Bryan's girlfriend, and is now the crazy chick that is stalking CM Punk.  She doesn't look like the type that would be a WWE Diva. I mean seriously if I saw on the street, I wouldn't even think twice that she was a wrestler.  She got a BANGING ass body, and a VERY cute ass face.  She also a very good ass wrestler, and HOPEFULLY the E uses her to her advantage.  I also like her because she is a well known nerd, like straight up.  She reads comic books and actually LOVES playing video games. AND she just LOVES the movies, like for real for real.  She is my dream girl....oh yeah she can do this..just MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN....

And there you have it, I know I am 99% sure I don't have a chance in HELL with ANY of these fine ass women.  But again, there is that 1%...A NIGGA CAN DREAM DAMMIT!!

~~Mr. Busby~~

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