Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Justin Bieber-Believe: Busby's Review

Yes you are reading that right, I am doing a review of a Justin Bieber album.  Kinda crazy how just in a few years, Bieber became one of the biggest pop stars in the world.  Some folks are already calling him the heir to MJ's throne.  Well I don't know about all that shit, however Bieber has really started to grow on me, and it just seems that his music is becoming better with each listen.  Now that he is at the young adult age of 18, Bieber is starting to mature.  With age comes maturity and JB is showing that through his music.  If you don't count the remix album and the Christmas album, Believe is pretty much Bieber's sophomore album.  On this album he wanted to show his growth and show that he is still loyal to his fan base and also gain some adult listeners as well.

The album opens with the fist pumping track entitled All Around the World which features Ludacris.  Pretty nice song to set the mood for the rest of the album.  In my opinion that beat was suited more for Flo-Rida then Ludacris but whatever.  The very catchy single Boyfriend follows suit, and I am not gonna lie, Mike Posner wrote and produced a really good toe tapper.  Big Sean assist's Bieber on the dup-step sounding track called As Long As You Love Me which is pretty alright for what it is.  Same with Take You which is another toe tapper.  The real highlight on the album is the Hit-Boy produced record Right Here featuring Bieber's Canadian BFF Drake.  Believe me when I tell you that song is going to be a hit when Bieber makes that a single.  It don't matter if you are a Bieber fan or a Drizzy fan, you can't deny on how good the song is, and will most likely be your girlfriend's favorite song of the summer.

The next few songs are pretty much cradled to his fans and pretty much make them wish they were Selena Gomez.  The Babyface penned and produced Catching Feelings is a pretty good track that has elements of Stevie Wonder's record As, it is a nice smooth track.  Fall is a track that pretty much sums up why the girls love Bieber so much.  It is guaranteed to put tears in their eyes and make them hate Selena Gomez with every ounce of their soul. The Darkchild produced Die In Your Arms is personal favorite of mine.  It samples the Jackson 5 song We've Got A Good Thing Going, and Bieber's vocals over it is nice and it got that old school feel to it.  Not gonna lie, he kind of lightweight channel's a young MJ on that record. 

Thought of You, Beauty and The Beat. and One Love continues the whole dub step feel to the album.  Beauty and The Beat also features Nicki Minaj who pretty much has the weakest rap verse on the whole album.  It is so corny and generic I feel that Bieber should have just spit a rap verse on it instead.  Bieber goes acoustic on Be Alright which is a nice positive song to listen to when you are feeling low about stuff.  The titled track Believe is a another inspirational track which is alright for what it is, but its whatever.  I can see them using that song for sports montages or movie trailers or some shit like that.

The bonus tracks Out Of Town Girl and She Don't Like The Lights are pretty decent.  To be honest I imagined Kanye being a feature on at least one of those tracks because the beats kinda suited him, especially Out Of Town Girl.  The final track, which is also the highlight of the album, is the Billie Jean inspired track entitled MariaMaria tells the story of Mariah Yeater, a crazy fan who went to the media claiming that Bieber was the father of her child.  Just like MJ, Bieber was screaming that the kid ain't his son. The song isn't no Billie Jean but it is pretty good, and another toe tapper that I won't mind dancing too.  However, Mariah Yeater isn't the only crazy fan that Bieber should worry about..

Overall, Believe is a pretty decent album for what it is.  Justin Bieber really did show some growth with his music.  He stayed true to who he is, and also broaden his listening fan base with this album which is pretty good.  Now I'm not gonna lie, some of these songs I wasn't really feeling, I am not really a fan of the dub-step shit.  However, Bieber didn't make those songs for a nigga like me.  He made those type of songs for his fan base which are are young kids in his age bracket.  Now there ARE some toe tappers on here that I am not gonna lie, are catchy as hell. He might not get MJ's throne, but he might just get Timberlake's. Bieber made a believer out of me, and to be honest I can't wait to hear how his album sounds when he gets older.

Busby's Review: 3.5/5

~~Mr. Busby~~

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