Monday, June 21, 2010

Busby's Favortie MJ Album Tracks: Leave Me Alone (Bad)

Bad came out 4 years after that monster album, Thriller. MJ's main goal was to have Bad be BIGGER then Thriller. However, even through it sold over 8 Million units, it failed to match the numbers that Thriller had. But that is besides the point, Bad IMO was a pretty good album. Like Thriller, damn near the entire album was on the Billboard the SAME TIME! (BOSS!!). Now this one was kinda tough to choose, but Leave Me Alone edged it out in my mind. The song was a bonus track on the album, and the song was pretty much talking about how he wants a girl to leave him the fuck alone so he can be the king of this music shit. This song is one of my favorite MJ tracks because it was very catchy. Of course Quincy Jones did his magic again, and of course MJ ripped it with his voice. The video was pretty cool too, with the whole MJ being a carnival and the paparazzi treating him like he was circus act. You guys have NO idea how hard it is to pick these tracks, because MJ had hits for DAYS, he was pretty much BORN with the number 1 painted on his forehead. Leave Me Alone is one of them tracks that edged it out because i was going to pick Another Part Of Me. BUT, Leave Me Alone has been my song since I first heard it when I was kid...

"just stop dogging me around!"

~~Mr. Busby~~

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