Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busby's Favorite MJ Tracks: Scream (HIStory)

"When a nigga blow up they gon build statues for me"
, Kanye couldn't have said it any better then that. At this point in time, Michael Jackson became one of the biggest artist in the WORLD. Now think about that for a second, MJ became SO big, that no matter WHERE he want, people will KNOW who he is. He could go to the deep jungle in the Congo, and the tribal people would know his name. In 1995, Michael Jackson was a living breathing living legend. With the HIStory album, he wanted to show the world that you haven't seen NOTHING let.

The album was a double disc, the first disc, HIStory Begins, was a greatest hits compilation, while the second disc, HIStory Continues, was filled with original material. The first track on the album, Scream, is my favorite track on the album. The song is the first and sadly ONLY time that his little sister Janet did a song with her brother. During this time, the child molestation allegations was spreading through out the media, and it painted MJ as a monster. You can tell on this song, that MJ was fed of up of the bullshit, and all he wanted to do was pent out his frustation.

The video was epic in its own way, costing over $7 Million, the Scream video is the most expensive video EVER made. With a price tag like THAT, you know that Mike had money to blow. I especially love the ending shot in the video where you see everything get distorted. Janet was looking different too, when I first saw the video I had NO idea that was Janet Jackson, she even sang differently then how she usually sings. Janet's producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, laced this song REAL good, and it wouldn't be the last time they produce an MJ track. Every time I hear this song, I always rewind it and I could sometimes never make it through the entire album.

The only thing bittersweet about this track is that Michael and Janet NEVER performed this song together live together. Mike always performed the song at his concerts but I sometimes hated when he did it because he would be singing Janet's parts and I would always think "DAMN, why can't Janet just perform the song ONCE with him for a change, that would be nice..". Well last year at the VMA's she did =/

Overall, Michael & Janet's Scream will always be one of my favorite songs from MJ's legacy.

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