Monday, June 21, 2010

Busby's Favorite MJ Tracks: Who Is It (Dangerous)

Now out of all of MJ's albums, THIS track is the one I blast the most. This is one of the BEST beats that Michael Jackson has EVER made. IMO I put this beat right up there with Billie Jean, real talk. The bass can just blow out your speakers, and the strings used through the whole track gives me ghoosebumps. Mike's vocals is chilling when he sings desperately to himself asking why his chick left him for someone else. You can literally feel the pain in his voice, you can feel the torture his heart is giving him from not knowing who his chick left him for. That was one of the talents Michael had, he can sing a song with SO much emotion, and you can literally BELIEVE that he feels that certain way. That my friends is what we call an artist. I remember I used to play the HELL out of this song on Dangerous when I first heard it. From the chilling choir in the intro, to the first sound of the bass, to MJ's ad-libs in the end when he starts singing "Can you REALLY feel I'm LONELY!!" man I can go on..

Yeah so as you can tell I am a real Stan for this song. Dangerous is another classic from MJ's catalog. The album is produced mostly by new jack swing king Teddy Riley. He brought this album to LIFE with his instrumentals. Especially with tracks like Jam, Why You Wanna Trip On Me, She Drives Me Wild, Remember The Times, Can't Let Her Get Away, and Dangerous. However, MJ outshined him with Who Is It, which was produced entirely by the king himself. Out of all of MJ's albums, Dangerous is one of all time favorite MJ albums, right next to Off The Wall..

~~Mr. Busby~~

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