Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mr. Busby's Picks for the's 2010 Hip-Hop Award Season

Most Improved Artist of 2010:

Busby's Pick:

I would have to go with Lloyd Banks. Dude came out of NO WHERE with Beamer Beans & Bentley. Hunger For More was a good album where he want back to his roots with the first HFM. Every collab he has been on he has ripped it, with the exception of Remember The Titans where Royce RIPPED it. But Banks held his own this year and I can’t deny that..

Sixth Man Of The Year:

Busby's Pick

6th Man of 2010 hands down goes to J. Cole. Every track he been on he has been ripping it non stop. And it also seems that he gets better with every song that he gets on, he had the BEST verse on that G.O.O.D Friday track and the Friday Night Lights mixtape was special Xmas present that he gave to the masses. That shit could have EASILY been his debut album but he decided to release all that music for free. If Hov isn’t no bitch..2011 is going to be a Cole world..

Rookie Of The Year

Busby's Pick:

"Wait...wait..I'M the rookie?.."

As much as I hate to say it..Nicki Minaj is 2010 Rookie Of The Year. You really couldn’t turn off the radio without hearing her crazy voice. She REALLY owes Kanye for having her on Monster, because IMHO she had one of the BEST verses of 2010. I literally had to rewind her verse because I was literally amazed on how she outshined Ye & Hov on 1 track (I don’t count Ross). She had the 2nd most anticipated album next to Drake, and it sold pretty good too for what it was. Her fan base is DEEP, I mean seriously, you thought Eminem Stans were deep, Nicki Minaj fans would cut a nigga if Nicki told them too. All in all..Weezy taught her well…

Album Of The Year:

Busby's Picks:

Now if I had it my way..Album of the year would HANDS down go to Distant Relatives by Nasir & Damian Marley. That album was CRIMINALLY slept on, and had NO promo, only had 1 video and 1 single it sadly fell beneath the radar. However, since it didn’t hit the masses like it should have been I am going to have give a split between Recovery & My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Recovery was the album that everybody wanted Emineem to do, venturing off from Dr. Dre and working with other producers was a good thing for Em. It showed that Em wasn’t afraid to open his mind and try out new things with new producers. IMO Em RIPPED DJ Kahlil’s beat for Almost Famous, and Just Blaze laced Em nicely with his tracks, especially No Love. Love The Way You Lie was the biggest single of 2010, and help Em have one of the highest selling albums of 2010 and 10 grammy nominations. 2010 was the year of Em..

However, Kanye West made his return with so much POWER! Like DJ Drama stated Kanye constructed a hip hop masterpiece. Now I am not surprised on how good the album is, because Kanye has ALWAYS been consistent with his albums and he has NEVER disappointed. I kinda wish I never heard the G.O.O.D Friday tracks, because I kinda felt I was spoiled from what I was going to hear on the album. Musically this was Kanye’s BEST album..lyrically through i would give that to Slim…

So pretty much yeah..I give it up for both of them..

Label Of The Year:

Busby's Pick:

Pretty much Peter Rosenberg hit the nail on the coffin..YM was running shit. Well to be real technical with it, the holy trinity of Weezy/Drizzy/Nicki. They RAN 2010, like YN said, even when Weezy was in jail and released that bullshit I Am Not A Human Being, it STILL went gold. An honorable mention from YM should also be Tyga. Tyga kept his name out there dropping verses on other people’s shit, like with New Boys and Sean Garrett. He also dropped that collab mixtape with Chris Brown and was on one of the biggest singles of the year with Deuces. So don’t count Tyga out, he keeping his name out there too. The other niggas in YM are tax write offs..lets be the words of Ed Lover..”There albums are NEVER COMING OUT!”

MVP of the Year:

Busby's Pick:

Nuff said

I mean seriously…the year Em had was silly…Having one of the highest selling albums of 2010, CHECK. Performing music festival after music festival around the world and shutting it down EVERY time..CHECK. Home & Home shows selling out Comica Park AND Yankee Stadium with Hov on sum Michael Jackson shit..CHECK. Having the biggest singles of 2010 with Not Afraid, Love The Way You Lie with Rihanna, No Love with Weezy, & Airplanes II with B.o.B? CHECK. Having 10 grammy nominations which includes Album of the year, the first rap album to be nominated in that category since OutKast’s Speakerboxx/Love Below, CHECK. Being ranked number 1 by MTV & BET as the hottest rapper of 2010 AND the best rapper of the DECADE, MOTHERFUCKING CHECK! Not to mention he had the BEST freestyle of 2010 with Despicable. After that freestyle dropped Drake & Banks shouldn’t even THINK about rapping over their own beats again I mean seriously, how can u argue all this? Only the internet folks in message boards would hate on the white boy and would say Rick Ross or Wakka Flocka should be MVP just based off a few catchy singles, simple ass lyrics and a Scarface fantasy world. However, that is ONLY on the internet, those type of artist will NEVER have a career like a Eminem or a Jay-Z And right now in REALITY Eminem is showing ya’ll that he is the KING..not just of the honky shit..but with rap PERIOD

So those all my picks..remember..this is just MY opinion..if you want to voice your own opinion just go to

~~Mr. Busby~~

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