Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FINALLY!!!....Busby's random thoughts...


haven't been on this for a loooooooooong while...I've been posting on my tumblr alot more often then I thought I would do and I completely forgot about that blog that made me a tad bit popular in the first place :)..sorry but anyway here is what has been on my mind lately...

1. How sick was it that The Rock came back to his roots! I seriously felt like a child ALL over again watching him in the ring and talk his shit. That crowd reaction when his music hit sent chills down my spine and seeing him was surreal cuz he hasn't even been IN a WWE/F ring for years (7 years to be exact). Hearing him diss that faggot Michael Cole and go IN John Cena was funny as fuck, especially saying John Cena looking like a bunch of Fruity Pebbles had me on the floor!..all around, the E better not FUCK this up!..hmm that thought went on longer then I thought..hmm anyway...

2. Is it just me or have music videos downgraded and look more low budget?

like i REALLY need to say anything?..

4. Drake is acting more and more like a simp each day..I sometimes wish he stayed on Degrassi..

5. I feel that Justin Bieber is getting pimped of EVERY last penny from his body, wait till he gets into his 20's..we gonna see Bieber getting drunk at clubs and fucking random bitches and be on TMZ every other day..hopefully he keeps his head on straight..cuz he seems smart..well I thought the same thing about Chris Brown and we ALL know how that ended up..

6. I'm getting sick of all this dick sucking of Weezy...hip-hop media is treating him like he is the greatest thing since Pac...smh

7. Lil Kim....what happened?..

8. what is the point of cheating?..

9. Eminem needs to cut the crap and go on tour finally!

10. I think the people who tried to shoot Waka Flocka was trying to save hip-hop

11. Charles'm praying for ya breh..

12. I haven't listened to Kanye's album for a looong time, I feel it has lost its replay value a tad bit...

13. I've been listening to Em's Fly Away track all day..its catchy as fuck..that could have been the first single from Recovery to be honest..

14. The NFL are gonna look REAAALY stupid if they have a lock out..

15. Shady Records, G.O.O.D Music, Roc hip-hop alive?..

16. Sum Bay rappers are the most DELUSIONAL people in the sickens me..smh

17. I have a feeling that Hov is gonna fuck over J. Cole..

18. Lil Wayne is coming to the bay and I have NO intenion on seeing him...he is NOT a legend in my eyes..Hov, Em, Kanye, & Nas are the only rap legends I wanna see before I die, and I already saw until Wayne steps it cool

19. Rick Ross is still a fake fat fuck

20. I'm horny...


~~Mr. Busby~~

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