Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top 10 list on what Rick Ross needs to do for people to stop hating on him..

OK Ross here is the deal..the 'bloggers' will stop 'hating' IF you:

1. STOP being a gimmick and thinking u are some big drug lord

2. Rap better

3. Tell the TRUTH


5. Rap about something we care about. We DO NOT CARE about how much money you have, how many cars you have, what you eat, how many bitches you fucked, how you are blowing money fast, how u and Hov & other rappers are bff...simply..WE DO NOT CARE!

6. take a loss like a man..don't be a sore loser..

7. Stop making videos like this giving us 'bloggers' MORE ammo to diss your fat ass.

8. Stop comparing yourself and glamorizing REAL gangsters, who have done REAL crimes, and are either dead or in jail. They are NOT Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr..u dumb nigga

9. Come back to reality

& finally

10. Be get your uniform u got hanging in your closet and go to your REAL job...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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