Thursday, February 17, 2011

So...I saw that Justin Bieber movie the other day...

Now before y'all say ANYTHING, let me just make this clear. I actually enjoy fuckery type of movies. Movies that are so bad and so outrageous I just cant HELP but watch. Perfect example would be that GOD-AWFUL movie The Happening. Movie was so bad I actually sat there and kept watching and kept laughing cuz i wanted to see how more worse the movie was going to get. So when I heard that Bieber was gonna release a documentary/concert movie in 3D, at first I didn't even think TWICE about seeing it. However, when I was thinking about it, that movie was exactly my kind of fuckery. Corny music? screaming teenage girls? corny 3D graphics? COMPLETE GRADE A FUCKERY! OF COURSE I WAS GONNA SEE THIS SHIT!

The documentary follows Bieber as he performs from Madison Square Garden in front of thousands of his screaming jail bait fans. It also talks about his raise to fame and how through the power of social networks like YouTube and Twitter, he landed a deal with Island Def Jam and got signed to Usher's label. The docuconcert also shows interviews from his family, friends, and staff and talk about how talented the lil basterd is. Some other artist make some appearances to show they have Lil Bieber's back. From Sean Kingston, Miley Cyrus, Usher, Ludacris (who I am still buffered about), & and even the Karate Kid himself Jaden Smich (you know he got the power of Will right?).

Now honestly...the movie is not THAT bad, I mean what you see is what you get. This film was made specify for his fans, nothing more nothing less. Now I am not a fan, but I can't hate on the dude's talent. White boy got skills when it comes to vocals, dance moves, and even music instruments. This dude can play the drums just as good as Travis Barker if he really wants to. Seeing him as a youngsta singing Ne-Yo's So Sick on YouTube actually surprised me with how good he can sing. Now I already gave my opinion on the dude before so i am not gonna get too in depth.

Now from watching this movie, I realized that they are pimping this young man of every penny from his body, he may not know it let, but I certainly do. This lil dude is EVERYWHERE, TV, movies, magazines, etc, at such a young age. IMO he is literally at his peak at such a young age, how much longer he can go is the real question. The cryptic quote I remember was from Usher when he told his little padawan learner that isn't gonna be 16 forever. Which is so very true, as he gets older, so does his fans. Which inevitably means his music has to grow, or else he is gonna be singing in the wind like Aaron Carter's ass. Hopefully he keeps his head on straight and not go down the path of drugs, sex, and rock & roll. However, through out the history of music, that dark side of the music business usually catches up to the musician.

But hey..only time will tell what happens next with Bieber as the years past, he just better enjoy every moment as he can.

So for now, enjoy him calling ya lil sister his baby....cuz pretty soon she will be HAVING his baby..

Never say never..

~~Mr. Busby~~

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