Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Legend of Detox..

Don't worry about Detox, it's coming! We gonna make Dre do it..-Eminem in 2004

Em made that statement damn near 7 years ago, in total 2011 will mark 12 years since 2001 dropped. Do you STILL believe in the boy who cried Detox? For me honestly, I pretty much stopped caring after the last 5 years he shouted that it was coming. Right now my expectations along with EVERYBODY in hip-hop, rather you are a fan or an artist, are at a ALL TIME high, and honestly we are REALLY impatient. Right now, we are expecting this album to be the greatest album of ALL TIME. That's right..OF ALL TIME!!!

Detox is the final chapter in Dr. Dre's drug trilogy. It's going to be the album, that is going to bring all of Dre's album's full circle. This album MUST be THE album that brings the west coast back in the music scene. To be honest I feel that time came and went. Game tried it, Nipsey Hussle tried, the bay area rap scene tried it, but they are coming up rather short. We need that good Doctor to come through and show us how it is done.

But for real through, this shit is becoming fucking ridiculous. Damn near everybody and their momma has worked on this album. From Snoop, to Em, to Hov, to Nas, to Weezy, to Kanye, etc you name the rapper/singer, they probably have a track with Dre. DJ Quik says that Dre has over 8 albums worth of material for Detox, maybe even more. I remember the original concept of the album was that it was going to be the story of a hitman, and all the rappers on it were going to be characters and it was going to be narrated by Denzal Washington. I remember the COUNTLESS interviews that Bishop Lamont was doing where he was talking about how AMAZING the album sounds and how it is going to be a game changer.

Now Bishop Lamont, along with Busta Rhymes, Eve, Hittman, and even Rakim, were either dropped from Aftermath. Or they got fad up of Dre's laziness and left the label. Honestly I really can't blame them, for being the back burner for so long, I would get impatient too with his ass.

But the only person that has kept by Dre's side for so long is Eminem. Em feels he owes his life to Dre since he signed him, and they have over the years grew a bond that can never be broken. Em wrote I Need A Doctor speaking for EVERYBODY in hip-hop telling to Dre to hurry the fuck up!

Now in the year 2011, we are seeing Dr. Dre a whole lot more then we seen him in the last decade. Dude looks like he has been training to be in the WWE or something..

He has dropped 2 singles now, along with a 2 VERY expensive videos, and it's shaping like Detox might ACTUALLY come out...ha..I'll believe it when i see it..

When I say see it, I mean I want to literally see it in F.Y.E for $12.99 with CD package and all. Shit this is a album 12 years in the making..will the Doctor bring hip-hop back to life?...or will we REALLY forget about Dre..

~~Mr. Busby~~

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