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Daz Dillenger's True Hip-Hop stories..

If y'all enjoyed ?uestlove's stories...y'all are REALLY gonna like this. I stumbled across this in the SOHH message board. That nigga Daz, tells his stories about Death Row, Pac, G-Unit, and countless other shit. It gets pretty hilarious...enjoy some of my favorites..

About 2Pac & Kurupt:
We got into the room and Kurupt had a Hennessey bootle. He was drunk and then the bottle hit the mother****ing table and all the other ****. So Tupac was like, "We're doing business here." So Kurupt was like, "Blah, blah, blah," and you know, being hard 'cause we were there. And then Tupac was like, "You know what, Kurupt? I'll rent a room right now and I'll beat your ass in there right now." Then he said, "You know what? I'm gonna get my homies the Outlawz," and that's when we stepped in like, "*****, you ain't gonna get nothing, *****." So then I told him that and then me and Tupac got into it just for that second and I told him, you know, 'cause I'm helping Kurupt, I tell Tupac, "Why don't me and you go in the room, you know what I mean?" Then Suge and them jump in and then that's when it was on right after after that and then Tupac and them was only in the studio and at home. We're in the studio, streets, doing every mother****ing thang.

About Death Row & Guns:

I would have got up and whooped somebody's ass. I had guns, so I wasn't worried about what they were doing. Me and Nate Dogg were the only ones that would be strapped up in that mother****er, 'cause when we would have a meeting it would be Bloods and Crips in there, so it's like ****, if we get to fighting up in this mother****er, just start shooting and run towards the door. And then you know Kurupt and Tupac got into it once. Tupac was gonna whoop the **** out of Kurupt in Cancun. Tell somebody to ask Kurupt, "Was Tupac gonna beat your ass and Daz and Nate Dogg saved you from getting your ass whooped from Tupac and them?"

Talking about threatening Suge Knight with a screwdriver while Kurupt was crying (seriously..):

Well, I was young you know, and @#%$ I learned a lot from that fat mutha****a. I learned the best things and not doing the wrong things. Also, he knew I wasn't no ***** and no punk. I pulled a big ass screwdriver on his ass and came out of there with $145,000 dollars while Kurupt is crying like a ***** off of mushrooms. Because mutha****as didn't give me my money I went in there and hit everybody up in the office. I mean everybody with a screwdriver and then Suge comes in there and then when I looked at his eyes, it looked like he was gonna try and do somethin' to me, so I'm like "@#%$ it I'ma do something to you!" It ain't nothin' but mutha****in' self defense. When I was fittin' to stab him in his neck, he said "Hold on! HOLD ON!!! (Laughs). And I walked up out of there with $145,000 cash. I gave Kurupt 5 g's and I did all the god damn work and he was still cryin' off mushrooms.

Talking about Suge getting knocked the fuck out:

(singing) Nighty-night (laughs). That was great for Hip-Hop too, you know what I mean? It even showed that the biggest mutha****a can fall down, so get your game together. I been hanging out with the lil’ ***** Greg (who knocked out Suge), he was at the B.E.T. Awards taking flicks; doing the Muhammad Ali stance, you know what I mean? I might re-enact that whole thing, you ever seen my movie, Death Row Killa?

Talking about rappers on the west coast:

Yeah, all that ****. So you know, it's something about bein' in control of your own destiny, as far as everybody can rap. Like Jayo Felony you know what I'm sayin'? He did a little song dissin' me, but it was bull****! He hurt from the **** I said to him first! Him & Kurupt and all them... When they start owning they own records, and pressin' they own **** up, and makin' they own money, then they can talk. But right now, they somebodys stool pigeons. All of them! Kurupt on hold, he can't put a record out if his life depended on it, Jayo Felony he broke, his life dependin' on whatever somebody gone give him, 40 Glocc just there. And hey, besides that, everybody else on the West Coast we doin' our thang. Snoop double platinum ALREADY!

Dissing Kurupt:

That nigga broke all the time!...pussy. Asshole-traitor-snitch-two face-bastard-kick your ass when I catch you.

Talking about how how Kurupt pulled a R. Kelly:

Kurupt, hes another R. Kelly. 1994, he had sex with a 13 year old girl. he had went to Lousinger High School with his cousin and met the little girl. And then he had sex with the girl she came to his house in Hollywood, and Bam. ya know. He sent the little girl home in a cab, and then she went home cryin' to her parents. Her parents called the police. They called Death Row. Suge paid em $400,000. So I'm over at Kurupt's house sleepin, and I wake up and my uncle got the mama,who just got the 400 G's, takin her to **** the **** outta her, and 10 minutes later, my lil cousin JJ from PFN, got the sister of the girl, a lil 15 year old girl, takes her in the back to **** her too. Kurupt always liked them little girls. Every girl he ****in get with is little.

Talking about The Realist:

Fake ass 2Pac. He was a sucka on Death Row doin what the **** he wanted to do, now he want to get off.

Talking about beating Kurupt's ass:

I'ma beat his ass when I catch him and then Soopafly gonna beat him up, then Snoop gonna beat him up, then I'ma beat him up again and then I'ma kick him in his ass. He a sucka man! If he do all that @#%$ for money man, I can't trust no @#%$ like that. Mutha****as is dying out here man. Ain't no comin' back!

Pulling a gun on Dr. Dre:

Me and him did the whole album but we made the sound for everybody. I was doing the beats and Dre mixed it down or we had somebody else mix it down, but we had to fight and pull a gun on Dre to mix my @#%$. He was on some other @#%$.

For more stories...just come here..

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