Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busby's random

1. Finally got around to listening to Odd Future..and let me just say..these dudes got skills. I usually don't get caught up with the hype..but after that Jimmy Fallon performance, and them having all this recognition all of a sudden I had to check them out. Tyler & Earl sound like they have studied Eminem's Slim Shady era catalog to a tee. Also that Frank Ocean dude is mad nice too..that dude got cross over appeal and I see a Grammy in his future.

Jackass...nuff said

3. I have a dark fantasy about throwing Snooki down a flight of steps..

WWE..I am NOT stupid...

Hunter...C'mon son...

6. They need at least one ghetto black person on Jersey Shore..

7. There needs to be a hip-hop 60 Min/Real Sports ish tv show..

8. so ummm..when is Watch The throne coming out?

9. I have a feeling Carter IV is gonna be disappointing..

10. Dave Chappelle..where are u?..

11. Is anybody gonna miss Ja Rule when he goes to jail?..probably not..

12. How many more albums is Hov gonna drop till he retires?..

13. Will Kanye drop another single from MBDTF or did he spend all the money on that Runaway video?..

14. Speaking of the Runaway video..does anybody remember it?

15. That new Weezy/Ross single is garbage

16. best quote from that movie Paul.."Motherfucking titty sucking 2 balls BITCH!"..LMAO I was DYING when he said that!

17. how sick does the new WWE All-Star game look?..

18. Elizabeth Taylor looked GOOOOD back in the day..where is Doc Brown when u need him?

19. Where is Beyonce?

20. Busta Rhymes needs to drop another album already...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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