Thursday, March 31, 2011

John Cena: From the the most hated..

In all my years of watching wrestling, I have NEVER seen so much hatred for one person. This has been bugging me for some time now, and it still buggers my mind and how the WWE can let this continue. Now I don't HATE John Cena, I never really had any problems with the dude. However, I do HATE how watered down his character has become, and the fans are sick of it too.

A few years ago, John Cena had the whole white rapper, Marky Mark wigga attitude down to a tee. He would always come out with a big ass chain and a throw back jersey and would always cut a promo in rhyme. I mean at first it was pretty corny. But then, after a while, I started liking the bastard because he was so goddamn entertaining. You couldn't help but cheer for the dude, the fans cheered for Cena for the same reason we all cheered for Austin, & The Rock, he was being HIMSELF. Honestly, in my HONEST opinion he was VERY CLOSE, to filling Rock's position as the People's Champion, because the people at one point in time had his back. Like I said he was CLOSE...

Then..something happened...when time starting passing by the WWE decided to tone down his image. He became a role model for the kids, and the E were trying to make this dude into the modern day Hulk Hogan. The story lines were becoming the same old shit, and Cena was ALWAYS winning the title. His promos were becoming corny too, saying little kid fart jokes that only a 5 year old would laugh at. Within time, Cena was no longer rapping, he wasn't acting like a wigga no more, he was actually acting white. Also, the WWE were PURPOSING shoving this dude down our throats like he is the greatest thing since slice bread. With DVD's, crappy movie after crappy movie, and even a fucking album (which wasn't really that bad IMO), the wrestling fans were getting tired of it. So collectively, the people STRIPPED John Cena of the People's championship.

Now after 4 years you would THINK Vince McMahon got a clue and would turn this dude into a heel (bad guy) by now. But he hasn't, he hasn't even made a ATTEMPT to making him a bad guy. From reports I've read, John Cena is VERY popular with the kids and has the highest selling merchandise out of all the wrestlers. Vince feels that if he turns Cena into a heel then his sells and ratings would go down. I think Vince is living in la la land because the ratings/sells ARE down!

Now I don't blame John Cena for all this, actually I feel real bad for the dude. He has busted his ass for the past few years just to entertain the wrestling fans just to get shit and spit in his face. The people I DO blame are the WWE creative team for letting this go on for so long. I already have a feeling that Cena is cracking just a little bit. At the Wrestlemania press conference this week in New York, the NY crowd wouldn't even let Cena get a word out without getting booed at. Shit the NY fans hate Cena more then that's sad.

Now The Rock should know EXACTLY how Cena feels, when he first debuted the fans HATED his ass. EVERY week he would come out with a big old smile on his face and the fans would just chant "ROCKY SUCKS!". Until one day, The Rock just got fed up and became a heel, which was pretty much thing that EVER happened in his career. In just a span of a few years, The Rock went from the hated to the most favorite. And that is what I think they should do with John Cena.

I think John Cena would be MONSTER heel, I see him being the most despicable and hated heel of ALL time. Trust me I SEE it in this dude. I just want Cena to come out one day and just throw away his hat, rip off his arm bands and just tear off his shirt and just start verbally dissing the fans. Shit I could see him beating the SHIT out of somebody, like beating them to a bloody pulp and then putting that person in the STFU and leaving it on that person until the person passes out while Cena is just laughing.

I mean shit, we live in a wrestling world where Hulk Hogan of all people became one of the all time greatest villains of all time. And ratings for WCW went through the ROOF. So I don't know why Vince McMahon doesn't see the same thing now. I hope soon Vince gets his head out of his ass before Cena self-destructs on national television and just goes after a fan the same way Ron Artest did.

Hopefully the WWE get their shit straight, for the fans sake...and for Cena's...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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