Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weezy F Overrated

Now I am not a Lil Wayne hater, in fact I am FAR from it..well not THAT far...but pretty far from hating on him. SOME of his records are light weight hot and I can't really hate on them. Back in his Hot Boyz years, dude was a COMPLETE different rapper then he is now. He rapped differently, had less tattoos, and was repping a different color. Then ALL of a sudden he just became someone SUPER different, he dropped the first Carter album, that was surprisingly good. He came like a sucker punch to the face on how good it was. Then after that he dropped Carter II which was exceptionally good. The only problem I had with that album was the track where he entitled himself "The Greatest Rapper Alive" I had to give him the side eye on that. Lyrically he was FAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from it, he should just call himself "The Greatest AVERAGE Rapper Alive" cuz that is all he is, and EVERY will be..to me.

After tbat, Weezy decided go mixtape crazy and jump on as many features as possible. The hip-hop media and the fans started to eat this up and they actually were believing his own hype. Which pretty much led to Carter III which pretty much certified him as one of the top rappers.

Now I DO NOT think Lil Wayne is garbage, in fact he isn't really that good either. He has a tendency to be borderline in my overall opinion on his music. He has the potential to say some pretty nice shit, and he has the potential to some pretty wack shit too. So he is just pretty much walking a tight rope when it comes to my opinion.

Now what I am mad at, is all this hype the hip-hop media gives him on what he does. Just because he jumps on a bunch of tracks with a bunch of rappers DOES NOT make you one of the best. Or dropping a bunch of mixtapes rapping over other niggas beats DOES NOT make you the best. Like they say quality is better then quantity and let me tell you, Weezy has a WHOLE stack of quanlity fillers. Rather its albums, or features, his track record hasn't been all that in my eyes. Also 9 times out of 10 he ends up getting outshined on the track that he is featured on.

Now because of the hip-hop media, that also produced all these bandwagon fans that defend this dude no matter what. I mean these are fans that claim they been down with Weezy since his first album when they can't even name one song of it. They get to me more then anything.

I really hope Lil Wayne stays alive for a LOOONG time, because if he dies at this point in his career, people are gonna compare him to Pac. And that is one argument I do NOT want to get in because I will just lose my mind...smh

~~Mr. Busby~~

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