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Watch The Throne (Busby's Review)

The wait is FINALLY over, the year of the duo albums continues with the most anticipated (arguably over hyped) album of 2011. Jay-Z & Kanye West brings the masses the album that everybody has been waiting for, Watch The Throne. After Kanye completed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Mr. West announced on Twitter that Watch The Throne was going to be a 5 song EP. However, 4 out of those 5 tracks were either leaked, or put on Kanye's album. After the disappointing reception of the single H.A.M. , Kanye & Hov went complete exile in luxury hotels all around Europe, NY, & LA. The process was also kept top secret, and NOBODY knew anything, except for the people working on it.

The anticipation for this album was off the charts, it seems like the whole world was waiting to hear what Mr. Carter & Mr. West has created. Before the release the album was on complete lock down. There was absolutely NO leaks from the hackers, I gotta give credit to Hov & Ye's people for keeping it locked away from the public until the release date on itunes. The only few folks that heard the album were the folks at listening parties, and the reviews from them just made the hype even bigger.

Now that the album has officially released, the reviews are coming in left and right. It's either people love it, or people hate it, everybody's gotta have an opinion. Well the only opinion that I agree with is my own (cause in the end that is all that REALLY matters anyway). Now here is a track by track break down of the Roc boy's musical roller coaster of Watch The Thone, did it live up to the hype?..

1. No Church in the Wild (Feat. Frank Ocean)
Odd Future's Frank Ocean are the first vocals you hear, he really brings the tracks life. The heavy bass driving beat is AMAZING, and is an instant head nodder. Hov and Ye's verses are cool and sets the tone for the album. Very good opener to set the tone.
Busby's Review: 5/5

2. Lift Off (Feat. Beyoncé)
Now we bout to take it to the moon and stars with this track. Mrs. Carter sings the hook to this track. For some reason I feel this is more of a Beyonce track then a Throne track. However, Hov & Ye did come correct on it through. A very radio friendly track which I wouldn't mind hearing. Don't know why they didn't use this as the first single, but whatever it's decent.
Busby's Review: 4/5

3. Niggas in Paris
Hit Boy shows his ASS on this beat! This track is a certified BANGER! Hov and Ye's swag is on 100, thousand TRILLION on this shit. Even through some of the lines don't make sense but the track let's you know that NOBODY knows what it means but it will keep the people going! All in all this track is a slapper..real talk
Busby's Review: 5/5

4. Otis (Feat. Otis Redding)
The swag continues on this track..I already reviewed this track a few post back, my opinion has changed a little bit now that I am hearing the album in sequence, so i kinda bumped up the rating a lil bit.
Busby's Review: 4/5

5. Gotta Have It
Pharrell showed his ass on this beat, probably the first Neptunes beat in a while that I actually nodded my head. Another swagged out track with Hov claiming that he is planking on a million. Decent track not gonna lie, Hov & Ye's chemistry on this really shows on this.
Busby's Review: 4/5

6. New Day
Hov & Ye connect with RZA on this track. Very personal track right here, Hov and Ye are pretty much talking to their unborn sons. Ye saying that he would make his son be a republican just he can be loved by white folks. Hov letting his son know that he is never gonna repeat the sins of his father and have him leave the life that he lived. Pretty deep track right here, RZA's Nina Simone sample sets the tone for it..
Busby's Review: 5/5

7. That's My Bitch
This is the track that leaked out last year, this version sounds a tad bit different then the original version. For some reason I liked how Q-Tip mixed it in the original leak but whatever. Hov & Ye add a few more lines to the song, but other then that, sounds the same. Still a banger and was one of my favorites
Busby's Review: 5/5

8. Welcome To The Jungle
The only weak track on here in my opinion, the track sounds like it could have been one of the bonus tracks. Swizz Beatz production was just blah on here, honestly if Swizz would have gave them a beat like On To The Next One on this, I would have LOST MY MIND..HOWEVER that aint the case. Hov & Ye's verse's are alright, Hov giving a shout out to the leader of the Jackson 5, that is always a plus. Too bad it didn't help the track. I can see myself skipping this track down the line..

Busby's Review: 3/5

9. Murder To Excellence

Almost feel likes 2 songs in one. The first sounds like it's produced by S! (the producer of Power). Talking about the struggle of us black folks and all the pain they go through. From police brutality to proverty, really deep shit right here. However the second half which sounds like the Swizz Beatz half, talks about how black folks rose from the ashes and still maintained to keep our head up and lead. Pretty dope track here, almost a Black History Month history lesson..

Busby's Review: 5/5

10. Who Gon Stop Me
Straight fist pumping music right here..
I can see a WHOLE lot of techno fist pumping remixes to this joint right here. Hov goes off on this track through not even gonna lie. The track sounds like what THIS track should have been..ha. For some reason I LIKE this track IDK why..guilty pleasure.
Busby's Review: 4/5

11. Made In America (feat. Frank Ocean)
SWEET baby Jesus Frank Ocean KILLS this hook! Vintage Hov and Ye on here, pretty much talking about how humble they are to have what they have now. "Mama I Made IT!' type of track. The beat is a nice smooth track that you can just vibe too, classic right here.
Busby's Review: 5/5

12. Why I Love You (Feat. Mr. Hudson)

If Beanie Sigel and Consequence wanted a response from Hov and Ye from all those diss tracks they put out. This is the closest he will ever get. Hov stating that he tried to make his niggas kings but they decided to stay a solider and Ye stating that he needs to distant himself from fakes. However in the end, they still got love for them and to let the Lord forgive them for they not know what they do..word to Jesus.
Busby's Review: 5/5

13. Illest Motherfucker Alive
One of the highlights of the album right here, Hov & Ye really go IN on this..especially Hov. "Fuck your awards like Eddie Murphy's couch" word to Rick James. Hov & Ye prove on this track why they are 2 of the most illest motherfuckers alive. All i can say is throw your diamonds in the air, cuz this is stadium status right here!
Busby's Review: 5/5

14. H*A*M
After the last track, you just HAD to put THIS on. When this first leaked I really wasn't feeling it. NOW that I am listening to this in sequence, this shit is hard as fuck. Stadium status shit here...
Busby's Review: 5/5

15. Primetime
Vintage No I.D. beat here, Hov and Ye verses are on point, nice smooth track that you can just vibe to and spit a cypher over. Honestly for some reason I can hear Eminem and Nas spit verse over this shit. Now THAT would have been some shit..oh well..the track is good for what it is.
Busby's Review: 4/5

16. The Joy (Feat. Curtis Mayfield)
The G.O.O.D. Friday track ends this album in a perfecto way. Nothing really changed on this, all they just did was just mastered it. Classic shit just to lay back and chill with a bad bitch, smoke sum trees and slip on some henny, the holy trinity.
Busby's Review: 5/5

Overall Opinion:

Well, did the album live up to the hype? I say it did, for Kanye his consistency continues. He is now 6-0, he has NEVER dropped a bad album, and I don't think he EVER will. This album sounds like a part 2 of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy just with Hov on it. What i also like about the album are the little interludes that you hear in between certain tracks, gives the feel that you are listening to something special. Now is it a classic? I'm not gonna give it that title just let, but it IS a banger.

Now to the general public you either love it or hate it. Certain folks on twitter and other social media sites are voicing their opinions. Some are calling it a classic, some are calling it wack. Either way the opinion is yours, Jay-Z & Kanye West made an album to get people talking. I mean seriously, they beat the hackers, which from what I know has not been achieved since Nepster was created. Also if you don't like the album, DO NOT shove it down our throat how overrated it is. I know y'all have an opinion but seriously, just stat it and keep it moving. Don't be mad that your favorite artist doesn't have the hype that they have.

In the end, it's just music..and that is all that it will ever be..

Now..if Dre would just drop Detox...

~~Mr. Busby~~

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