Monday, March 26, 2012

E-40-The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil Vol 1-3 (Busby's Review)

E-40 has been in the rap game for over a decade, he has done songs with damn near all your favorite rappers. His unique flow and style has helped him be one of the greatest rap legends in hip-hop. For the past few years, the bay area ambassador has put his work into hyper drive. With the addition of the Revenue Retrievin' series, The Block Brochure 1-3 would mark 9 albums in the span of 2 years. That is quite an accomplishment if you ask me. I don't know any another rapper at his caliber that can do that and STILL maintain his reverence. Now, I got love for 40 Water, he is one of the only bay area artist that I actually still listen too. However, there comes a time where even through it's a good amount of new music for the fans, you have to take a step back a realize it can be a tad bit much.

E-40 released these as ALBUMS, not as a 3 disc set, he intended it to be 3 separate albums that are unique in their own way. But to be honest the only thing that is different about the albums are the colors of E-40's hoodies on the cover art. All of the albums have that dark, gritty, heavy driven bass for it which has become E-40's signature for his beats. Now don't get me wrong each "album" has at least a few guaranteed slappers on there. With songs like They Point (feat. Juicy J. & 2 Chainz), Function (feat. Y.G., Iamsu, & Problem) and one of my favorites, the Katt Williams assistant track Get Ya Weight Up. E-40 got the usual suspects when it comes to features on his albums, like B-Legit, Mistah F.A.B, Too Short, and his son Droop-E. He also got Kendrick Lemar, Snoop Dogg, and Tech N9ne to assist him on certain tracks. The only problem I have with this is that they are ALL spread out on all 3 of the albums.

Now with the good tracks there comes a SHIT load of fillers. I would go on to say that a lot of these songs E-40 could have just used for a mixtape and/or a Itunes bonus cut. Maybe it was because I was listening to all 3 of the albums back to back to back, but it just became too much. Too many of the tracks sounded the same to me. He just kept beating a dead fish over and over and over again, it got really old to me. I'll put it to you like this, just imagine if Peter Jackson released Lord of The Rings as ONE big movie. Just imagine he pretty much just said "FUCK waiting 3 years, I'm giving you the whole thing NOW!". Not only would the movie be to damn long, it would be too much for the audience to digest. That is pretty much what I got from these "albums", it was just too much. I respect E-40's work ethic, I really do, I actually think that Graveyard Shift was one of the best albums of 2011. It actually sounded like an album that was competently opposite of its counterpart Overtime Swift. However at some point he kinda has to step back and realize that he has to slow down. To be honest he really has nothing else to prove. He already got the respect of damn near everybody in hip-hop, we all know that he still got it. I just don't know who else he is trying to impress, but hey that is just me.

With these "albums" it really just sounds like 40 should have just made 1 album and it would have been one of his best albums. Instead we got a bunch of bangers that are just hidden in a bunch of fillers. Hov had this problem as well, if y'all wanna remember that album. In conclusion all I can say is that in the end I prefer quality over quantity. I still got love for E-40 through, but i really hope he realizes that he shouldn't keep beating a dead horse. He already got all the respect in the game, and to be honest he really got nothing else to prove.

Busby's Review: 3/5

~~Mr. Busby~~

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