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It's just twitter right?: Busby's Top 5 Celebrites that have blocked me.

Now if y'all follow me on Twitter, you know that I am a VERY out spoken person. I mean shit that is what Twitter is right? It has now become a social outlet for EVERYBODY to voice their opinions on damn near EVERYTHING. I'm no exception, if you follow me (which most likely half of y'all do) you know that I don't hold my tweet tongue for NO one. It don't matter who you are, rather you are a regular person, or a well known public figure, I'll let you know how I feel about you. Now I'm not gonna lie, my honestly has got me in trouble a few times, and I have had people block me. I can't help it sometimes, I tend to be an asshole to certain people, but when I do let out an asshole tweet it's for GOOD reason. Celebrities are no exception, I can't help myself, sometimes they say the most burnt shit and I HAVE to call them out on it. Now in all my years of twitter, I've had a total of 5 celebrities block me from following them. Some I'm kinda proud of, some I laugh at, the others I'm still scratching my head on what I said. Anyways without further ado, here are the top 5 public figures that has blocked me on twitter..

5. Tyrese (@Tyrese) If you don't know already, Jody is one of the most smartest dumb niggas on twitter. The shit he tweets has me really SMH and I realize how he is so much like his Baby Boy character. When I first got twitter, I didn't really follow the dude, I really had no reason to follow him. When I see folks retweeting him I would just shake my head and keep it moving. Now when I got around to following the dude I couldn't, "Why?" you ask? Cause the nigga blocked me! That's right Jody blocked me without me even me following him, and he wasn't even following me EITHER! Maybe he was randomly searching for people to follow and saw my account and didn't like the fact that my skin was blacker then his.  Shit I don't know, not like I lose sleep at night....whatever...

4. Dr. Phil (@DrPhil)
That's right, I pissed off Dr. Phil McGraw, and to this day I STILL don't know what I said or did.  I mean I got no problem with the dude, I still watch his show on a daily basis.  I don't know what I said that had him want to block me.  It wasn't like he was following me or anything I'm still confused about this, really I am!  Maybe he didn't like the rant I had one time when i said "Don't come to me for advice, that's what @DrPhil is for!" shit I don't know.  I'm gonna go on his website and write him a e-mail and have him unblock me.

3.  TourĂ© (@Toure)
Remember when I talked about smart dumb niggas?  Well this Mr. Know It All smart dumb nigga is the definition of a smart dumb nigga.  I use to follow Toure on twitter on a daily basis because I thought he was one smart dude when it came to hip-hop culture and politics .  However, the more I followed him, the more I noticed how much he put his foot in his mouth.  Also I noticed every time something big happened in the hip-hop culture or most notable the African-American culture.  The media would just run to him like he was the spokesperson for black folks. My nerves were really starting to break when I read his article about why he won't turn off his phone on airplanes.  Yeah so when you see on the news that a plane crashed with Toure on board y'all will know why. 

Now the straw that REALLY broke the camel's back was his CONSTANT dickriding of Hov (no pun intended).  When Hov dropped his ode to his baby girl everybody in hip-hop had a collective Full House moment.  Toure felt the need to write an article about how Glory is one of the greatest hip-hop love songs of all time. Acting like Will Smith, Eminem, and Nas didn't do the same thing before. When he had the nerve to compare that song to Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely, I pretty much called him out on his bullshit.  I don't remember exactly what I told him, but I remember the last few words were "GET. OFF. HOV'S. NUTS!!".  After that a few minutes later he replied back and told me that I needed "Reading comprehension" and before I can reply back so we can have a nice debate, that light skinned nigga blocked me.  I'm not the only one he has blocked, people told me every time they try and call him out on his bullshit he promptly blocks them.  SMH Mr. Know It All niggas get on my nerves the most....

2. E-40 (@e40)
Now this one kinda surprised me, I never knew 40 Water was a sensitive person about his music.  When E-40's new albums dropped a few days ago, I laid my opinion on it.  Now I didn't know he blocked me until a few days ago when I realized he wasn't following me anymore.  When I went on his page, I saw that he blocked me.  I was lightweight shocked by it, I guess he felt that I was hating on the album(s).  I guess he felt that since I'm from the bay, I should love EVERYTHING that he puts out with no questions asked.  I'm sorry but I'm not like New York fans that dick ride Hov no matter WHAT he does or puts out.  I have to call it for what it is, and also it's just MY opinion, I'm sure he has heard worse.  Or maybe he saw my tweets about how garbage bay area music is and how wack damn near all the rappers are.  I don't know, I'm not that mad through, I still got love for the bay area ambassador.

 1. Chris Brown (@ChrisBrown)
Now y'all know how I feel about this hot headed nigga so I'm not gonna get to deep into it.  But Chris Brown is the only celebrity to block me TWICE.  The first time he blocked me was on his old account @MechanicalDummy.  It was after his first interview after the Rihanna beating, and I SWEAR through out the ENTIRE interview he kept saying "At the end of the day this and I at the end of the day that", I just kept hearing it over and over again. It got REAL annoying, so being the smart ass that I am I decided to make it a trending topic and called it #AtTheEndOfTheDay.  I think the tweet that really got him mad was when I put "#AtTheEndOfTheDay @MechanicalDummy is still a woman beater".  Shortly after that I noticed his tweets weren't showing up on my feed no more.  When I went on his account, twitter let me know that he blocked me.  Kinda expected it, but I was like whatever, laughed it off and kept it going.

Now the SECOND time he blocked me was on the twitter account that he has now.  It was around the time that he dropped that joint mixtape that he did with Tyga.  When it dropped, he was flooding up my timeline trying to get his bitch ass fans to download it.  Around that time another rapper by the name of Laws dropped his mixtape and it was HARDER then that piece of garbage.  So being the smart ass that I am AGAIN I put "Don't download @ChrisBrown's old bootsy ass mixtape..etc".  OF COURSE not long after that, that bitch ass nigga blocked me, and he has ever since.  Now I kinda wish he didn't block me, because the twitter exchanges between me and him would be CLASSIC...ha.

Honorable Mention:

Wale (@Wale)

Now this nigga hasn't blocked me YET, but I know his finger is itching towards that block button through.  Both me and him have had arguments before on twitter and I think it is fucking funny as hell.  Dude has ALOT of female tendencies and he always feels the need to lash out at any negative comment that people say to him.  I'm no exception to the hateration except this bitch nigga usually asks for it most of the time.  Especially the time he kept swearing up and down that his album Ambition was going to be a classic.   Ehh whatever, I still enjoy some of his music, but he has to realize he is NO Kanye, get off your own nutsack.

**Edit: Well ever since then, me and Wale have buried the hatchet and are actually cool now.  I know crazy right?**

And there you have it ladies and gents,  I never knew people can be so sensitive.  Especially celebrities, I guess it just a reminder that at the end of the day (shit Chris Brown got me saying it now), they are regular ass people just like u and me.  However, I'm just a nigga behind a keyboard, would I say half the shit I saw on my twitter to some of these niggas faces?  I don't know, most likely, who fucking knows.  When we bump into each I'll be sure to tweet to y'all about what went down, it's only twitter....right?

If any of y'all want to follow me and/or unblock me here is my page: @MrBusby4o8

~~Mr. Busby~~

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